What to Do When Both Wood and Carpet Water Damage Has Been Done

What to Do When Both Wood and Carpet Water Damage Has Been Done

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If water pipes have burst or flooding occurs the next question is what steps should be taken by the owner of tradesman to renovate the area?

Extent of damage to the floors

First, the amount of moisture damage to the wood needed to be determined in the water damage floors. For instance, if the floor is only swollena little and is slightly reduced because of access to rain or other water damage, then it will be able to be renovated. After air humidity and temperature is determined in the affected area, ventilation paraphernalia (for example, a dehumidifier for air) needs to be used to quickly dry the damp wooden flooring out.

Moisture content

The content of moisture of the wood needs to then be measured by use of a hydrometer. Once the content moisture of (maximum) 9 percent is reached, wood sanding can begin. It should be noted that the maximum material thickness is to be removed depending on the thickness of the wood.

Extensive water damage

In the case of extensive water damage and the wood flooring is swollen heavily or warped or is detached partially, usually the only option is to completely remove the wood. For this, the wood should be removed using the suitable equipment. Then the substrate can be tested.

Carpet damage

For water damage carpet, the carpet will need to be removed from the area that was flooded. For any remaining water where the carpet was removed, use towels and a mop to dry the floor. You can also rent a wet-dry shop vac to remove any remaining water. Finish the drying by using large drying fans and keep the doors and windows open until this area is completely dried.

Better to hire a contractor

Often if the damage of flooring and carpet is completely lost, it might be better to hire a local water damage restoration contractor in your area.

Water damage restoration contractor

If there is a local water damage restoration contractor in the area, it might be a better way to take care of the water, water damage and drying the area. Often doing it yourself is just too much of a job to do. The contractor will also make certain to get all the area of moulding out and will know more about repairing or replacing flooring and carpet.

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