Stonework: What you need to know about Stonemasons Fife

Stonework: What you need to know about Stonemasons Fife

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Good News! Every single structure will need constructing materials. And one of the elements is stones. Stones that meet the strength and make the structure appealing. And structures will continue to be built. The application of stonemasonry is infamous in antiques, monuments, and cathedrals. Most iconic buildings in the UK are made of stone. The stones are aesthetically cut into shape.

The art of stonemasonry and stonework has been applied in several places including Fife, the Scottish council area.

Stonemasons Fife is one of the companies in Fife providing masonry services. The company serves other locations in Fife including Kirkcaldy, Rosyth, Cupar, Ballingry and the neighboring areas like Lothian. According to the company`s website, it has been in operation for over 25 years.

The company has experience in stone restoration, repair, lime pointing work, stone building, chimney rebuilding, and repair. The company offers friendly and qualified stone masons. The masons at Stonemasons Fife work to ensure every inch of work is done to perfection. Your satisfaction is their happiness as a client. The company promises to work past our expectations.

Stonemasons Fife with its member masons offers masonry in various services. Your demand will fall in one of the services they provide. And the services are particular.

Stone Repairs

Stonemasons Fife masons are skilled in stone restoration and conservation. The mild wear by surface erosion that occurs on a stone is repaired using lithomex. Lithomex is a lime-based compound that is colour matched to fit the eroded area. It is an operation that follows the standards of Edinburg Council. And it follows a process.

The lithomex procedure is done on soft sandstone. The decayed stone is first removed with chisels. The durable stone is exposed on which screws are fixed to give the Lithomex a better grip. This operation is done with a concern for the technical details to ensure repairs are of good standard.

The lithomex operation is done in several layers to the level needed and left to cure for a maximum of 48 hours. The surface is then sanded to give it an elegant finish.

The suppliers of Stonemasons Fife have lithomex that is formulated to flex and breathe when drying. This property ensures that it settles in just like the stone and does not trap moisture as cement-based works do. Colour charts are also provided to help choose the color of the Lithomex for repair.

Walls and Building Repair

Wall and building repair is one great service. It includes several masonry skills like replacing the stone, dressing stone, and building work. Buildings that have suffered damage can be reclaimed into a good state. Walls, chimneys and building edges and ridges can be saved using a combination of previously mentioned skills. Stonemasons Fife is expert in the reconstruction of damaged masonry structures.

The causes of stone decay are many including moisture, wind erosion, and even frost. The good thing is that the remedy in all these causes is same and Stonemasons Fife can help you.

Lime Pointing

Lime has its advantages over cement. Cement is brittle and traps moisture. All these are harmful to the success of a masonry structure. Lime is permeable thus allows water to exit the structure. Expansion and contraction of the water in cement causes cracking. Lime is soft cushioning the stone during settlement. Lime is also flexible allowing movement of the structures due to vibrations, wind and humidity changes.

The benefits of stonework are the protection from winds, ultraviolet rays, weather elements and harmful temperatures. Stone houses exclude noise, and they are energy efficient as they are insulators to warmth in summer and cold in winter. Above all the strength of stone is insurmountable. You can get the services of Stonemasons Fife by contacting them and getting a quotation on

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