Washroom Renovation: What More Can Or Should Be Done

Washroom Renovation: What More Can Or Should Be Done

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The washroom happens to be one of the most functional areas of the home that one cannot do without. That is why some homeowners take pleasure in giving the bathroom a makeover. Renovations in the bathroom may extend from tile replacement to total refurbishment. Modern-day renovators have a lot of options to choose from ranging from varieties of floor tiles to tub designs. In fact, wall coverings are not excluded. Lovers of entertainment go as far as installing a mini-tv in the bathroom just to enjoy the comfort of the bathtub.


As the earth covering, professionals in the art of bathroom renovation would advise that the refurbishment starts with the floor. Fortunately, the size of the bathroom is relatively small and manageable. Therefore, replacing floor covering with quality tiles should be highly affordable. But do not be afraid to extend the budget if you have the cash to spare.

The first step in the renovation process is to remove the initial floor coating with sandpaper. Then, application of a fresh coat of vanish follows. It is important to make the floor waterproof and rot proof by adding about eight coats of varnish.


Waterproof paints are the best choice for the wall covering. The higher the quality of tile, the more expensive the painting will be. The benefit of high-quality tiles is durability which prevents the need for a replacement for another ten years. Opting for painting will protect the surface of the wall but replacing with tiles is the ultimate choice that provides cushioning.

Bathtub replacement

There are several choices to make when considering bathtubs. Whirlpool bathtubs are the most unique and contemporary sets of the tub you can ever fit in your bathroom. Victorian style tubs give your bathroom a certain grandeur that comes with class.

Toilet options

This is not a necessity except the need arises – especially aged toilet or chipped toilet coverings. A good choice will be dual flushing types which help to conserve water and lower expenses.

Refurbishing cabinets

This is almost the last part of the renovation process. If the bathroom has limited space, it is best to select cabinets which are economic in space. You can choose cabinets with large space for storage or with a mirror for a good view after the scrub.

If this motivates you, you must know that bathroom renovation is one of the ways to increase the value of the home. In fact, many homeowners are on the lookout for well-furnished bathrooms before they peak their interest in a property.

All you need to do is spend a few dollars to get more returns. The return on investment that can be derived from this process is highly unbeatable. Interestingly, it is always better to spend less money in the renovation process. But it is important to opt for quality materials as well because this is where the bulk of the value lies.

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