The Use of Pozzolana in Making Strong and Hard Cement and Concrete

The Use of Pozzolana in Making Strong and Hard Cement and Concrete

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A pozzolana is a natural material comprehending silica in a form that is a responsive form. By themselves, pozzolanas have no or little cementitious value. But, in a superbly divided form with the existence of moisture or a little water they will react chemically to form fortifying mixtures.

Natural pozzolana

This is a very good replacement of expensive raw materials of Cement such as slag/clinker/limestone and Fly Ash. It is quite useful in bringing the cost of production down and making the most of profits without compromising on value. The cement that is produced with Natural Pozzolana has great strength and will result in faster setting time. It is already very fine in nature and can be mixed directly with Clinker for making cement and with cement for making concrete.

Benefits of pozzolana

The benefits of pozzolana used in cement and ready-mix concrete are the economic gain that is obtained by replacing an extensive part of the cement by cheaper natural pozzolanas, lowering greenhouse gases emitted per ton of blended cement produced when compared to cement.


Natural Pozzolana supplied by any company is a very high-quality product collected from the volcanic eruptions worldwide and sourced at these sites. This high-quality pozzolana is rich in Silica and excellent for cement and concrete.


Pozzolana is well-defined as a substance of silico-aluminous or siliceous composition. Pozzolanic materials when finely ground interacts with water and liquefied calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH,) that forms strength-developing calcium aluminate and calcium silicate compounds.

Usually, using of pozzolana as a major essential of cement and is conceivable when the content of reactive silicon dioxide amounts is not less than 25{c8f0bd29eee558107b82fbcea509087520306d94155679ec326c92b5517e8ef3} in mass. Frequently diversity is made of normal calcined pozzolana. This making of cement using pozzolana as a major essential involves the pre-treatment of this pozzolana by drying, crushing, and grinding then intergrading or the mixing of cement Clinker with this pozzolanic ingredient. The use of pozzolana as major basic leads to the enhanced workability of the concrete due to a better grain size spreading as well as to higher long-term strength and advances the resistance of the chemical.

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