The Proper Way to Clean Windows and Windows Screens

The Proper Way to Clean Windows and Windows Screens

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Caring properly for the window and glass in your doors is vital to increase the efficiency of insulating, on reflective glass or low-e. These actions can harm the surface of the glass or the seal on the insulating glass and should not be done:

  • Don’t routinely use cleaners that have a petroleum base or corrosive chemicals cleaning the glass.
  • Don’t use a pad that is abrasive, a razor blade, or a putty knife for cleaning the glass.
  • Don’t use a spray nozzle that is high-pressure for rinsing the glass.

As an alternative, it is vital that you only clean glass with a dish soap that is high-quality and water, completely rinse with clean water, and then dry wipe with a cloth that is soft to evade water spots.

Professional window cleaning

When you use for window cleaning in Utah County, they only use the best products and tools to clean your window. You will get quality crystal clear windows with a clean that will last longer also. We are professionals and professionals do not use gimmicks. They create relationships with all their customers that are responsible to build upon a lasting value and quality service.

Screen Care

When washing screens, they first should be removed from the windows, and then washed on a clean, flat surface with a solution of water and mild soap using a soft brush. Finally, you will need to rinse, dry as well as reinstall the screens.

Condensation and Mold

Water condensation often occurs on windows and interior door surfaces if certain conditions do exist. This moisture might be a notice to you that moisture might exist in your house, and this moisture could allow mold growth. This is due to the condensation on interior window surfaces due to a higher moisture content in the air, contacting low-temperature surface on the frames or glass. The higher the home’s interior moisture and then if the outside air temperature is lower, the more condensation can develop.

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