The Foundation Is the Part of a Building That Is Most Important

The Foundation Is the Part of a Building That Is Most Important

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Abby Brothers Foundation Repair is the most experienced and oldest foundation repair company in the Houston area. They also do house raising; in fact, they are the only company that does house raising. They have built a company with a solid brand in offering the highest quality of customer service, as well as the quality of their work.

Wide experiences

They have experiences that range from commercial, residential, government, as well as religious buildings. Their ability to offer the most current house raising or foundation repair methods has allowed it to be a leader in this industry. They have been seeking to do foundation repair services for many significant projects by agencies, including:

  • Universities;
  • Emergency Management Agency (FEMA);
  • Local governmental agencies;
  • Many historical sites.

These experiences have given them the reputation of longevity, stability, and professionalism.

Mission and Vision

This company is built on the motto “one should always begin with the end in mind.” This has enabled them to chart an excellence course in customer service. Their Mission and Vision Statement is what guides them in daily activities and helps keep them on course in offering the highest service quality and the best solutions for their assortment of customers.

Most important

It might look as if a foundation work is only part of any complete construction process, but getting the foundation correct is most important. Any mistakes in the foundation can become worse as time passes. This is referred to as “compounding defects” and it simply means that any mistake can get worse as time goes by.

Slab foundation is off

Here is an example: It has been noticed that the paving slab foundation is ¾ inches out of square when framing starts. It is also ½ inches out of level across the entire building. But someone just figures an adjustment can be made during the framing. By the time the metal roof shows up, the square panels don’t seem to fit on the out of the square roof and you must do something else to make it work.

Any building with a foundation that is not level will have problems getting the best out of this building.

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