Popular Method Used by Professionals for Cleaning Carpets

Popular Method Used by Professionals for Cleaning Carpets

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There is a method for cleaning carpets used by professionals that is becoming more and more popular. This is dry carpet cleaning which uses less water than steam cleaning. This allows no-moisture or “very low moisture” resulting in non-soapy residue left behind.

Carpet dry cleaning

Dry cleaning methods do not require water or wet shampoos. Instead, these dry methods depend on moisture-free solvents that eliminate dirt and grime. The benefit of dry cleaning is time. Unlike wet cleaning, a dry clean allows you to walk on the carpet almost immediately.

Cleaning solutions

Dry cleaning uses chemical solutions for extraction of dirt. There are 3 dry-cleaning procedures many professionals use:

  • Dry foam – shampoo is spread on the carpet, let to dry and then vacuumed up, bringing the dirt with it.


  • Dry chemical – cleaning solution is spread over the carpet then a cleaning machine whirls a large bonnet type device from one side to the other absorbing dirt that is on the carpet. When the “bonnet” is soaked with dirt it is swapped with a clean, new “bonnet” and the work continues.


  • Dry compound – a spongy type mixture that resembles sawdust when wet is spread-out over the carpet. A machine then brushes mixture into the carpet, so it will absorb dirt. The mixture is dry then it is vacuumed up, bringing dirt with it.

Cleaning compounds are Woolsafe

Most well-known professional carpet cleaners who do dry cleaning use a Woolsafe Approved solution since it works well with both wool and wool blend carpets.

Also used

Dry cleaning services are also used on:

  • Rugs
  • Upholstery
  • Mattresses

Good on stains

This type dry carpet cleaning also works well on stains such as vomit, blood, and stains left by food or pets. It will also keep your carpet in good shape for many years since it is not being soaked with water. Using dry cleaning method is much easier on your carpet.

Whenever you contact a professional carpet cleaning company, be sure to ask them if they use the dry cleaning or hot water extraction for cleaning.

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