New Design Lighting That Is Current on the Market

New Design Lighting That Is Current on the Market

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This is the time of the year when new designer lights and lamps from various designers are put on the market for sale. These euro and Italy lights cost a small fortune between $2000 to often over $5000 but the European’s are serious about their lighting.

Wide selection

Currently, there is a wide selection of lighting from modern to sleek designer looks with some very elegant and luxurious appeal. Designer brands, such as:

  • Uttermost
  • Possine Euro Design
  • Robert Abbey
  • George Kovacs

Room picks me up

These lamps are favored by the very top interior designers, in Europe and these brands bring designs that are fresh as well as exciting. These lamps use innovation in shade, base, materials and final combinations. This is one of the best ways to give your home a quick make-over as one designer light can give the entire room a different look.

Bolle Suspension Lamp

There are 3 lamps that seem to be more liked by customers such as the Bolle Suspension Lamp which was inspired by the lightness of soap as well as a metaphor for the emptiness of light. More metaphors are fleeting emotions from the near past captured in timeless play light and weightless reflections.

Perch Light Branch

Another interesting new lamp; which elegantly and poetically captivating of birds that are perched on a branch and is named Perch Light Branch. This light features five brass and white perched on a branch of Brass and mixes 15 total watt LED light source.

Duke Floor Lamp

One more is the Duke Floor Lamp which was inspired by the great Duke Ellington and his music he made on the piano. This lamp is a floor fixture that is elegant with a silhouette that is short and one swing. Every one of the lampshades is led by an arm of brass as well as its counter-weight. The body of brass is complete in black matte and gold plating, raising the design with a touch that is modern.

Spring is near

So, when it comes to spring cleaning this year, don’t replace all the furniture or repaint – just try a designer lamp and see how much this will make your room all new again.

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