More on Making Plaster Panelling Easier to Do

More on Making Plaster Panelling Easier to Do

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This video from YouTube shows how easy this equipment is to use. In this video you can see panel lifter in action. It is easy to see that you can mount the plaster much more efficiently.

Drywall Screwdriver

In addition to a mounting device for plasterboard, you also need a Trockenbau screwdriver or cordless screwdriver to attach plates to the ceiling to screw. It is important to use the right drywall screws in a ceiling with plasterboard.

Power screwdriver

In a drywall screwdriver with power cord, you have the advantage that they have no battery to run down. That disadvantage is obvious. The fact is that they get their power through the cable, so you will need an extension cable or electricity on the site. A cordless screwdriver behaves differently. Here you have maximum mobility with the battery. However, a replacement battery is advantageous for projects that are large. This can depend mostly on the taste and the local conditions, which is a practical sensation when working with the plate lift.

Not worth it

If you only need to process one or two plates, a plate lifter is not worth it in the opinion of many experts. You can then also use Schnellbau columns. However, if it is a lot of gypsum plasterboard, it is much easier to do with this tool. Also, from that point, you do not always have a helper or assistant on hand.

Drywall screws

Drywall screws or “Rigips screws” are screws that are suitable for screwing plasterboard. They are phosphate with Ph2. That is why they are better than conventional screws when it comes to filling. As you can hide them completely under the filler (gypsum).

For example, using normal screws could discolor or rust. There are also magazines with screws. So, you do not have to touch each screw individually, but you will need to stop when the magazine is empty.

All of this information is important to learn how to make hanging drywall or plasterboard easier to mount when working on buildings or inside of buildings.

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