How Virtual Reality Is Boosting the Real Estate Industry

How Virtual Reality Is Boosting the Real Estate Industry

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Virtual reality is offering a host of benefits to real estate agents, landlords, buyers and sellers. There’s no need to even set foot inside a property in order to enjoy an authentic viewing experience when VR tours are available. Growing numbers of property sales companies are now adding VR tours to their services for all sorts of reasons. VR tours are convenient, realistic and incredibly cost-efficient. With these services in place, the risks attached to no-shows are diminished, and properties can be viewed from anywhere in the world as long as an internet connection is available. There are many fast-growing tech companies like Voxel creating highly-authentic viewing experiences for real estate agents.

Take advantage of technology

Still, images and text alone just won’t suffice in today’s world. Modern customers are now expecting to be offered virtual and augmented reality tours complete with narration, customization and much more. VR tours allow viewers to look at several properties in a short time frame without being forced to travel to sites to see the homes in person. This is ideal for those with busy lifestyles who lack the time to visit a string of properties. Many viewers look at a high number of properties online before deciding which homes they wish to see in person.

View at a relaxed pace

In the past, many viewers have complained of being “rushed” around properties in order to make way for the next wave of visitors. This problem can be eliminated thanks to virtual tours. Other facilities being added to real estate websites alongside tours include mortgage calculators and much more to provide viewers with all the information they need about properties. Videos can also be added to the virtual mix, so tenants and buyers can click on hot spots to find out how things work. This is one reason why virtual reality is being cited as such as great way to boost communication standards between landlords and their tenants.

Perfect for selling homes under construction

If you are offering virtual experiences to your customers, it’s wise to ask them for feedback so you can continue to make improvements. Virtual reality is also ideal for real estate companies who need to sell new builds, homes under construction and houses that are yet to be built. Virtual staging can be added to the VR experience, with items such as domestic appliances and furniture being added so customers can get a better idea of what it will feel like to actually living inside the homes.

Embracing VR technology

It’s vital to take advantage of everything the internet and VR have to offer when it comes to real estate marketing. 95{c8f0bd29eee558107b82fbcea509087520306d94155679ec326c92b5517e8ef3} of all property searches begin online, so you could be missing out on valuable custom by failing to embrace the virtual world. Every year, millions of people buy properties overseas or hundreds of miles away from where they are currently based. It takes a great deal of time and money to head abroad or to the other end of the country to view properties, which is why VR is so useful and convenient for distant investors.

Guided and interactive property tours

The two main forms of virtual property tour are the guided visit and the interactive visit. Guided tours are more basic than interactive tours in that they generally come in the form of promotional videos that are viewed through headsets. Interactive tours allow viewers to click through to specific areas and tailor the whole experience in line with their specific requirements. Although interactive tours take more time and money to produce, they can be incredibly immersive and be the difference between a sale being made and viewers looking elsewhere. More and more people are purchasing their own headsets, but real estates can easily cater for those that are yet to acquire hardware by allowing them to use VR devices in their offices.

Avoid being left behind

Virtual reality solutions are shaking up the real estate industry, driving sales and delivering sky-high sums of revenue. Real estate agents that are yet to embrace VR technology face being left behind. VR tours make the process of buying, selling and viewing property better for everyone.

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