Cleaning Stainless Steel Balustrades, The Right Way

Cleaning Stainless Steel Balustrades, The Right Way

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Steel balustrades are often the most preferred choice for homes for the amount of durability and sturdiness they offer. Moreover, it has been seen that while they easily accommodate other types of materials in design features, they are fairly economical too. Compared to other materials taking care of the balustrades made from stainless steel is easier and less hectic. If you have them at your home, it will help you to know about these helpful maintenance tips that will keep them looking as perfect as new even decades after.

Tip #1

The first thing to do is be regular with cleaning. Start by using nothing fancy but only warm water and a soft wet towel. This should help take care of dirt and normal stains. Once you are done the cleaning, you should then use a dry towel to clean the balustrades and take care of any water stains it might have.

Tip #2

In case the balustrading has corroded at some places or has rust marks then water alone will not help. You would need to use detergent for this. However, try not to use something which is made of harsh chemicals as it will take away the shine. A mild or diluted detergent solution will work fine here. Dilute it with warm water for better results and to create a long-lasting effect.

Tip #3

With the stainless steel that is so clean that it shines, you most of the time only have one problem: fingerprints. The marks are hard to avoid if you have children at home or elderly who need the support of these railings while walking. To erase these fingerprints, you will have to use glass cleaners for this purpose.

Tip #4

So, what do you with the stains that are left on the railings even after you have been very strict with your cleaning rituals? This is where the cleaners made specifically for stainless steel come in handy. To get started, always use the cleaner on a small hidden part of the railing to see how it works out. If the cleaner sits well with your balustrades, then you can go ahead and clean the whole thing up. In case it doesn’t, try diluting it maybe or using another brand altogether. However, never use products that contain chlorine or its related compounds. The bleaching effect will ruin your balustrades, and thus such compounds should be avoided.

Tip #5

In case nothing of the tips mentioned above help then you need to get the job done with pressure water. It will clean the material and give it the look of being nothing more than a day old.

Relative to other materials, stainless steel balustrading is low maintenance and easier to manage. If you are looking for a company to guide you more about stainless steel balustrades, then click at for more details. The company deals with all sorts of balustrades and railings and can help you with it all from installation to maintenance.

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