Choose the Best Tiles for your Bathroom Using these Tips

Choose the Best Tiles for your Bathroom Using these Tips

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Bathroom flooring tiles must be safe to walk on, especially in terms that space is exposed to water regularly. But, aside from this aspect, there are other things to take into account when choosing the right tiles for your bathroom. Understanding some tips when choosing tiles will make the job easier. These include:

Choose Light Colors if you Want the Bathroom Space to Look Larger

Generally, bathrooms are smaller than other rooms in homes. Some bathrooms may not have windows. Therefore, the bathroom lighting and decor will make space feel airy and open. Remember this when you choose tile colors for your bathroom.

Vary your Bathroom Tiles

In terms of picking tiles for your bathroom, never use more than three in the same space. Incorporating more tile color, design, or styles will only make visual clutter. Think about using one main tile for your bathroom walls, one as a feature or accent and one for the floors. Check out tile options at

Choose the Right Kind of Tiles

There are different kinds of tiles depending on the materials they are made from. These include:

  • Ceramic. Ceramic tiles are perfect bathroom tiles due to their durability as well as resistance to stain and water. Also, these tiles are resistant to odors and bacteria and are easy to clean. To avoid slips with these tiles, look for certified slip resistant versions.
  • Porcelain. Porcelain tiles are harder than ceramic. A lot of people prefer these tiles as they are not very absorbent. But, these tiles tend to be more expensive than ceramic.
  • Stone. Natural stone provides some texture but it needs more maintenance than conventional ceramic or porcelain tiles. Because natural stones are porous, they hold on to grime and dirt.

Decide where Tiles Go

If you are looking to use more than one type of tiles, focus on your most favorite first and then figure out where the other go and how much money you can spend. A number of tiles can be quite expensive so it makes sense to design them strategically to make them work.   For instance, you can choose the most expensive and intricate tiles to be installed on the wall behind the sink. This allows the tiles to become a feature.

Consider the Size

These days, many people choose large-scale tiles for their bathroom walls and shower benches. However, the shower floor is best with small-scale tiles since these can help in decreasing slip and fall accidents.

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