Would You, Wood?

Would You, Wood?

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The flooring is one of the most important things to consider when in the middle of house furnishing in Dubai. Choosing the best flooring for your house can be difficult as there are various types of flooring. To name a few, the most commonly used are tiles, concrete, marble, and wood. Among all these choices, we would like to talk you out to why it is the best to choose wooden flooring in Dubai.

Why is wooden flooring in Dubai so widely recommended? Aside from the elegance it can provide, there are also more reasons why choosing wood flooring in Dubai is the best for your home:

Affordability. Compare to the other options, you can considerably save up with wood. Wooden flooring in Dubai is a lifetime product and as time goes by, wood increases in value as your house does. One of the most sought-after wooden floorings in Dubai is hardwood.

Safer and healthier. Wood floors contribute to a healthy environment. These days, it is crucial to reduce the number of potential allergens in your surroundings as many people have allergies to various substances. With wooden flooring in Dubai, you’ll free your home from dust mites or molds as wood produces better air quality that is especially most ideal to those who suffer from allergies. Additionally, the surface of the wood floors reduces the toxins from pesticides that some floor coverings accumulate.

Adds value. Wooden flooring in Dubai will make your house look glamorous and stylish that increases in value over time. The high-quality solid wood floor will bring a return on investment that even exceeds the initial installation costs. As hardwood floors are now high in popularity, it’ll be beneficial in selling your property from a broad selection to your market. You can be guaranteed that investing on hardwood floor today will most probably increase value to your property in the future when you decide to sell it.


Low-maintenance. In the case of hardwood floors, what you need to do to maintain their appearance is by quickly sweeping them up and using a mop. It’s also become easier for you to clean. Wood flooring in Dubai is maintained by simply protecting it from moisture and things that create scratches.

Eco-friendly. Today, most timber is carefully cut from forests to ensure continuous resources in the future. Unlike most floor coverings, wood flooring in Dubai comes from a natural resource that is sustainable to the city.

Timeless. It gets finer with age as they do not lose their beauty and they sustain their strength if they’re properly maintained.

Wide variety. Kährs wood flooring comes in many sizes, styles, colors, and species. In Nordic Homeworx, there is a lot to choose from, so you can pick what suits your preference the most! We bring natural wood flooring to Dubai and the Middle East.

Would you give the wood a go?

If the answer is yes, give us a go. Nordic Homeworx offers a premium excellence with its services and products. We absolutely appreciate and respect today’s market forces that mandate delivery of quality service and products. The survival of our company depends on the provision of the highest quality services and products on our every appointment.

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