Why You Should Hire An Expert For A Freon Recharge

Why You Should Hire An Expert For A Freon Recharge

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Your central air conditioner is an essential part of your home as it keeps you comfortable during the times of the year when the temperatures become extreme. If your AC does not do this and it is perfectly sized for your home, then it must be having a different problem. You may be required to repair and maintain your AC over time and one major decision that you have to make over time is whether to call a professional or do the repairs on your own. A central air conditioner system has several components, and it is vital to know when to apply your DIY skills and when to call an expert.

Freon is the refrigerant that runs through your air conditioner system and without it, the unit cannot cool the air. This is a sensitive part of the system, and once it starts leaking, you will notice that the system won’t be functioning the way it is supposed to. Air conditioners need to be recharged after some time, and this essentially means refilling the refrigerant. The refrigerant pulls the heat out of the air and then goes to the compressor, and if its level is low or it is completely depleted, no heat transfer can take place.

Out of the repair and maintenance tasks that can be done on a central ac unit, this is one of the most sensitive ones along with the repairs associated with the compressor. Your system is not built to lose its refrigerant, and actually, it should last more than the system itself. Most of the causes of recharge are leaks which are always imminent over time. But how do you know that your system needs a recharge?

One of the most common signs that your system needs a recharge is when the vents blow warm air. Other problems can cause this, but you won’t miss it when there is a leak. The other visible sign of a leaked refrigerant is the freezing of some of the components within the unit. If you have a window unit and opt to check it out, you will see pipes that appear to be frosty and here is where the coolant flows. The refrigerant is a gas that freezes anything that it comes in contact with, and even if the pipes are built to withstand it from the inside, a leak will freeze anything else that it meets.

DIY Vs Professional

It has been mentioned that this is perhaps the most sensitive maintenance task you may have to undertake, and it is highly recommended that you call a professional to do it. The refrigerant is a sensitive substance that needs to be handled with a lot of care, and you may not understand some of the precautions to recharge it effectively. Furthermore, the levels can only be assessed using specific devices, and unless you have an HVAC firm, you may not have those pieces of equipment.

Even if you go over to the web and get some informative tutorial on how to remove your freon tank, you might not be allowed to buy it from the suppliers. There are restrictions in the United States that call for a certification from the EPA if you want to purchase freon. You most definitely do not have such certification, and you will find it hard trying to buy a replacement. Even if you opt to buy it online, the seller may ask for proof of your certification before they can ship it to you. Looking at the strict regulations governing the purchase and use of freon, it is only prudent to call a professional for that task and avoid the agony of trying to get it from stores.

Keep in mind that freon does not just run out like that. Some people might think that it is a liquid that can just be topped up if the levels go down, but it recycles, and this is why its levels need to be constant. Freon is the chemical substance with unique properties, and if you do not understand its form and how it works, it might be best to keep off. If your central ac has no freon, there is most likely a bigger problem that needs to be fixed, and only a professional can find it. The leak that depleted the freon levels should be located and repaired first before the new freon is recharged and if you do not do it, it will still leak, and you will back where you started after a few weeks.

Going DIY on repairs regarding your freon is a risk that could damage the entire system. Why put your expensive HVAC system in jeopardy to save a few bucks? An expert will understand the problem at hand and fix it right away without any complications. You might be all over your freon system, and maybe the problem is with something else. This way, you will probably interfere with the coolant from bluon energy corp and damage it in the name of going DIY and then call an expert after all that to clean up your mess, something that will cost you some more money. If you check the price at which you bought your system, a and what you paid for during the installation, you will understand why you should not gamble with it at all. You can try this with your iron box, but the ac system will cost you’re a fortune and leave you uncomfortable until you dig deep into your pockets and get a new one.

Regular maintenance can avoid most of the air conditioner repairs. You can contact a professional and instruct them to come and check your system after every few weeks. This way, they will be able to detect any drops in the freon levels and recharge them before it starts taking a toll on your system and comfortability. You might be saving some money and learning a few skills by going DIY, but your central air conditioner’s freon is not something to joke with. Find a reliable expert today and have them recharge your freon and you will have your system running within no time.

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