Why You Should Consider Multi-Paned Windows with a Replacement

Why You Should Consider Multi-Paned Windows with a Replacement

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If you are planning on getting newer and nicer looking windows, it’s worth it to consider getting windows that go above and beyond dual pane configurations. There are plenty of tri or even quad pane windows on the market today, and some of them are really worth the added cost. IF you are looking for a way to minimize your utility bills as much as possible, and you don’t mind spending a bit more cash, these improved windows could be worth the expense.

Why Additional Panes are Beneficial

Window panes themselves offer minimal protection, which is why a single pane window is known for being drafty and not really helping the comfort of your space all that much. Even doubling the thickness of your traditional window pane wouldn’t do much to help improve your home’s comfort, it’s the space between window panes that is so important. If you opt for dual pane windows, you’ll get windows that have two panes of glass with a sizable space in between them. This space creates an added layer of insulation, and it’s actually the air inside that’s doing most of the work. Adding additional panes of glass creates more pockets of air, and offers even more insulation.

Insulating Gas Pockets are Particularly Helpful

While standard multi-pane windows are good for keeping cool or hot air out of your home because of the pockets of air, there are special windows that have insulating gases like argon in between the glass panes of the windows. These gases are even more effective for insulation purposes than standard air is, and you can improve your home’s insulation by investing in them.

Double Your Protection

Dual pane windows are good for improving a home’s insulation if you are used to the single pane, but they aren’t the best solution that you can get today. Going with three or four panes can potentially double the overall insulation that you have available. Three panes will give you two air pockets instead of one, and four panes will give you three air pockets instead of two. Either way, you’re going to make your windows more effective, and reduce drafts significantly. Not only that, but you’ll minimize your utility costs with such an investment, and that’s one of the biggest benefits of all.

Examine the Options

If you are planning on getting replacement windows, talk with a specialist about the different options that you have available. Look at the advanced energy-efficient models that are available today, and talk about the different values that the windows have to help you figure out which are worth the added cost and which are not. You don’t need triple or quad pane windows to save on energy costs, but they are a pretty darned good investment that can really improve the quality of your home as well.

Know your options, and invest in the windows that are going to offer you the best mix of value and protection for your home. Don’t settle for low-quality windows just because it seems like a simple way to go, and instead go with a top quality solution that you’ll be happy with for years after.

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