Use carpet protection and save carpet damage

Use carpet protection and save carpet damage

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If your reading this, you might be experiencing the same problems as most people and might be asking the same question, how can I protect my carpet from damage? Your carpet may be ruined under different circumstances and by various things such as tear and wear, dirt and debris. All these can make a newly purchased carpet lose its vibrancy faster than you can imagine.

Carpet protection is a crucial part of our daily lives as it can affect our overall hygiene and cost us money we could have avoided losing. Worry no more, as this article will guide you on how to protect your carpets and floors.

Do not allow unnecessary dirt onto your carpet

Maintain the cleanliness of your carpet by removing your shoes before stepping on it and encouraging others to do so. The carpet will prevent your feet from contact with the cold hard floor so no need to worry about that. Doormats also assist a lot to reduce the amount of dirt and mud you bring into the house.

Clean Stains Immediately They Occur

Allowing this to happen will give you a massive headache in the long run. Carpet has a really high absorption rate and you never know what forms of bacteria will settle with the stains. A quick clean will be highly effective. Do not wait, act fast.

Vacuum daily

Vacuuming is a very good practice as it sucks out the dirt and any tiny organisms that may have made a home inside your carpet. This is not always 100% and so it is highly recommended to take your carpet to a professional cleaner once in a while.

Say no to cheap carpet cleaners

There are so many products claiming to be the most efficient carpet cleaners. Do not be fooled by the sweet marketing strategies because they will cause your carpet more damage than before.

Carpets should be a no Pet zone

It’s okay to be a pet lover but it is not always easy to train pets to not have accidents on the carpet or not scratch it.

Strict house rules for children

Kids are adorable and playful but can also leave a huge mess behind. You should not tolerate anyone eating and spilling food all over the carpet, as these bits of food will feed the bacteria settling in your carpet unless you take quick cleaning measures. Sometimes you may find yourself really tired and decide to clean another time then eventually forget, so it’s better to prevent the problem in the first instance.

Use carpet protectors/coatings

An example is Teflon carpet protector applied by spraying. It repels dirt and prevents it from sticking to the carpet fibers. The disadvantage of this type is that it should not be used on wool carpets.

It is as easy as that to ensure your carpet looks as good as new each day with the above carpet protection facts.

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