UrbanClap made shifting process quick and easy

UrbanClap made shifting process quick and easy

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Last year, Pune had a lot of rains and that caused a lot of damage to the houses and buildings which are located here. Especially our home, which was built more than two decades ago and hadn’t received any sort of renovation since then, faced most of the brunt of it. The ceiling started to fall from a couple of places and even water was starting to flow in from a few leaks. Our sweet home was in desperate need of renovation and we decided not to delay it anymore.

So we needed to shift to another home on rent while the reconstruction and renovation went on our own home. For this we needed packers and movers to shift our things to the newly rented apartment. Not only once, we needed the services twice. Our own home would be renovated on about a month we needed to shift back again. So since we required the services two times, we decided to hire the best packers and movers in Pune. We didn’t want to take any risks with our things and hence wanted thorough professionals who would shift our things from and to our home after it gets reconstructed.

My father gave me the responsibility of finding the best packers and movers in Pune to me. I took the responsibility and then he told me to find some good agency quickly since the labor for construction was ready to start the work within two days time. So there was a lot of pressure on me. Not only I had to find the best packing and moving firm in Pune, but I also needed to search them quickly so that the labor could start their work as soon as possible.

The Search Began

So I contacted my friends and asked them if they knew of some good packers and movers in Pune. To my utter disappointment, none of my friends had much knowledge in this regard. Hence weren’t able to provide any sort of help to me. So I picked up some recent newspapers and checked the classifieds section in order to find some good company which would provide packing and moving services. A searched a lot and could only find a couple of firms. I tried to reach out to them. I explained our requirements to them but they were completely out of the budget which my father had told me we could afford.

Hence, I couldn’t finalize them for the work as well. Then I took to the internet and began my search. But again high prices were a big issue. Besides this, since we didn’t want any of our things to be damaged during transit, we wanted some best packers and movers in Pune who would also provide a transit insurance against damage to the products. Sadly, none of the packers and movers I came across on the web offered this feature.

I was really worried as time was running out quickly. Almost an entire day had passed and I wasn’t even able to finalize the packers and movers. But suddenly during my search on the web, I landed on a question and answer site. On that, someone had asked about how they could find the best packers and movers in Pune. Many had answered that he should check the UrbanClap App. I had seen some of the commercials of this app as well on television but wasn’t sure if they provided packers and movers as well. So I immediately searched for them and came across many positive reviews. I instantly knew that I needed to try this app as soon as possible. It seemed to be a very good option for finding what I was searching for throughout the day.

UrbanClap to the rescue

So I immediately picked up my phone and downloaded the UrbanClap App. I registered on it through my Google profile and landed on the home page. The categories of services available with them were nicely divided and very easy to locate. I selected the Packers and Movers in Pune option quickly and was asked to answer a few questions related to the service. The questions which they asked were if I was shifting within Pune or outside Pune. Then I came across a page which listed the available service providers and the details of the whole project. I read it thoroughly and was quite impressed by the services which they were willing to offer. I selected the next option. Then I was asked about the size of my home from where I was shifting.

After selecting that, I was immediately shown the price ranges which ranged from 6000 to 15000 rupees based on the services and the total things I had. The prices seemed to be appropriate and fair. Most importantly, they fitted straight into the budget that we had. Plus the best thing for us was the fact that they were willing to offer transit insurance as well. Because of this, we would be eligible to get die refund or partial payment if there was any damage to any of the things that were being shifted. I clicked on the next option and was asked to select the date when we would like the pickup agency to arrive and begin the shifting process.

UrbanClap worked for us and you should try it too

So, since I wanted the stuff to be shifted quickly so that the labor could begin their work of reconstruction, I selected the date of the next day. As soon as I selected that, my details were forwarded to the partner relocators of the UrbanClap App. I was informed that I would be contacted by the relocators pretty soon. In about a couple of hours, I received a call from a relocating firm who told me the terms and conditions, the exact fees, the methods and techniques of transportation which they were to use and the estimated time to be taken for the whole process. I was really impressed by how professionally they explained me.

Moreover, they were adopting modern techniques which would safeguard our things from damage. They arrived early morning the next day and wrapped all the things in a double layer and marked them properly so that they could be easily unloaded and kept in their rightful places in the new home. The truck which would carry the things was enhanced with advanced safety measures as well. The shifting was completed in 4 hours which was really quick and beyond our expectations. There was no damage and we were really happy with the whole process which was quick and transparent. One month passed and our own home was reconstructed and renovated completely.

So, we needed to shift back there and without any hesitation, I called the same firm back for the job, who seemed to us to be the best packers and movers in Pune. Again, the process was smoothly completed. We are very thankful to the UrbanClap App for providing such high-class services and that too at such affordable prices. We would suggest each and everyone try this app for getting any types of services for themselves or for their friends and family.

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