Upvc Door Locks and How to Keep Your Home Secured

Upvc Door Locks and How to Keep Your Home Secured

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Upvc doors are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Many people prefer uPVC doors due to their light weight and cheap prices. Along with multiple advantages that come with uPVC doors, there are also misconceptions such as the fact that uPVC doors are not too secure.

If you install the right locks, you can benefit from enhanced security. Moreover, having such doors installed as exterior doors won’t make you that vulnerable to burglary. Find out what you need to know about uPVC doors from expert locksmiths.

Upvc front doors are still safe

One of the most common misconceptions is that uPVC doors won’t protect you from break-in attempts. Although lighter, uPVC doors can assure an increased level of security, provided that you install the right locks.

If you want high-security uPVC front doors, look for those models that have toughened safety glass, reinforced panels, and steel box section. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that uPVC doors won’t offer you protection.

Call a uPVC locksmith to install locks

If you need to install locks, make sure you do it correctly. Otherwise, you risk deteriorating the lock mechanism and pay extra amounts of money having to replace a good lock. Upvc locksmiths near you arrive in less than 30 minutes and offer specialized assistance to install any type of lock.

Get security locks installed

If you want to make sure you are protected as much as possible, make sure to choose security locks for your doors. The first door you should prioritize is the front door lock. Apart from this one, target the windows and the back door.

Have double cylinder locks installed to uPVC doors

Many burglars gain access to the house via the windows or any vulnerable entry point, usually the back door. If you have security locks installed, you won’t have to worry that your house will be broken into. The most common type is the double cylinder deadbolt but you can also have mortise locks installed too without threatening the security of your house.

Of course, no lock can guarantee maximum protection, but security locks have anti-snap characteristics. Their cylinder is not vulnerable as it happens to most locks.

Moreover, security locks have anti-bump properties, meaning that they are much more resistant by having many pins that prevent the lock from jumping up. Security locks with anti-bump properties have no pins or are endowed with rotating disks that keep the door shut.

The third most important characteristic is the anti-drilling property – this means that the lock cylinder has to contain a high degree of steel that will prevent the lock from breaking apart in case of drilling.

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