Tips for Doing Window Cleaning Yourself

Tips for Doing Window Cleaning Yourself

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If you are looking for a professional, high-quality window cleaner, then Gold Coast window cleaning service is the one to call. The Professional Window Cleaners will provide the quality as well as the value that you need and deserve. Cleaning windows is a large part of the overall cleaning of your home or business.


This company does both exterior windows and interior window cleaning. They understand that window washing of windows. They will keep your windows in good shape and you might only need professional window cleaners for the outside, upstairs windows.

Do them yourself

When you are doing your own windows, there are many tips to help you. To clean your glass windows, spray some vinegar that is diluted over water spots, wash the entire glass with water that is soapy water then dry with a cloth and squeegee; polish it with newsprint. You will need a spray bottle, water, vinegar, a bucket, soap, newsprint and a squeegee.

Water spots

You will find that after the spots or mineral deposits soften, the spots are quite easy to wipe away. There are some areas where the water has a higher mineral content than others. When calcium and magnesium levels in the water are high, the result is called “hard water.” Even when the water evaporates, it leaves calcium deposits. After this happens every time water spots will show up. If the sun bakes these deposits in, they are harder to clean.

Vinegar vs. white wine

Vinegar works great but white wine is a good alternative also. White wine has the acidity to dissolve the deposits, but of course, it is slightly more expensive than vinegar.

Better than store-bought

To clean windows and not get any streaks or haze, you should always clean from top to bottom. A cleaning solution made of a cup of water, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol works much better than window cleaner bought at the store.

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