Time to Re-Decorate You Home or Areas in Your Home 

Time to Re-Decorate You Home or Areas in Your Home 

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The beginning of spring is when most people change things around in their homes to give their living spaces a new look for the summer and fall. They usually rearrange furniture or buy some new pieces as well as items to hang on the wall or place on cabinets or shelves. These items can include clocks, lightings, home accents, wall decors, pillows, and cushions. A good place to look for examples of new ideas is https://wanfoundry.com


There are many types of wall clocks and whichever clock you buy should go with your furniture. If you have antique furniture, then get an antique wall clock; modern get a modern wall clock. Art décor clocks can match almost any type of furniture. Clocks also come with all types of numbers; regular numbers, roman numerals and often just dots where numbers should be. Clocks are made with all types of material – gold or silver metals, and wood.


Basic types of lighting include general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. The best lighting plan combines all 3 of these types together to light an area. General lighting is an overall illumination for a room or area, while task lighting is used on a desk or reading area. Accent lighting includes nightlights or lights with only enough lighting so that a room is not left in total darkness. Accent lighting is usually on all the time. Adding new lighting to a room can change its entire look and feel.

Home accent

There are many types of home accent décors with one that is used a lot is the Bohemian décor. This décor looks carefree and often has the look of being “messy”. These areas have rich patterns and colors that are vibrant with pillows, rugs, throws, and tapestry.

The opposite of the Bohemian décor is the Scandinavian look which is a look that is minimalist, and the room is simple, functional, and contemporary. This décor uses white with tones of grey as the main colors.

For examples of how to decorate your home or rooms in your house go to https://wanfoundry.com/collections/all

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