Three Ways to Maintain Exterior Caulking

Three Ways to Maintain Exterior Caulking

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Caulking is an imperative part of a home and commercial painting, especially when addressing the exterior of the structures. Having cracks and gaps in your exterior walls denote the weakening of your building and the possible energy loss you face due to these cracks.

The more cracks and gaps you have in your exterior wall, the higher the possibility for the heat and air energy to escape from these gaps. This results in an increased load on your heating and air conditioning system. The reflection of this can be observed on your high energy bills.

It is important that you retain an effective maintenance of your exterior caulking. Bearing in accordance that exterior caulking is prone to acquire more damage due to its direct exposure to not just the ultraviolet rays of the sun but other weather extremes as well.

Moisture, for instance, can cause tremendous trouble for the exterior caulking. Here are some tips that can help you exterior caulking maintenance.

1.  Keep the Water Away

Water can be a great foe of exterior caulking. Though caulking compounds are resistant to water, the caulk may break open when the siding moves. This allows the water to get into the cracks and slowly damage the exterior caulking. It is a rather gradual and unnoticeable process that you may not get aware of until your exterior is considerably damaged.

Water has extensive tendency to damage the structure of your property and usher the growth of hazardous organisms like algae and mold. In order to ensure that no exterior caulk is broken, you need to inspect the exterior caulking for gaps, the disintegration of seals, and any signs of crumbling.

2.  Choose the Right Caulking Compound

While caulk can be used to address any gap or hole in construction material, you have to be aware of the fact that every sealant is not appropriate for exterior caulking. You need to be careful when you choose the caulking compound for your exterior crack issues. Some types of sealant are only for the interior.

They cannot be used for the exterior because they do not have the ability to endure the outdoor extremes for long. So if you want to have a maintained exterior caulking, you have to be careful from the beginning. The correct exterior caulking compound would lead to long-term maintenance.

3.  Maintain Regular Inspection

You will only be able to retain highly maintained exterior caulking if you regularly inspect it. If you are well aware of the condition of your exteriors, you will quickly be able to detect if there is any damage occurring in the caulking. You can identify a failing caulk through checking if the bead of sealant is shrinking, or the caulk is losing its stickiness.

If the surface of caulking is beginning to powder or dust, it means your exterior caulking is deteriorating. You can examine areas around air ducts and vents, meeting points of windows and door frames, around skylights and chimneys, and all other types of building materials.

Identifying issues in these areas right in the beginning and addressing them appropriately can assist you in the maintenance of your exterior caulking well.

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