Things to Consider When Buying a Bathtub

Things to Consider When Buying a Bathtub

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There is nothing more relaxing than a long bath for which a bathtub is a must. Given its importance, you cannot afford to go wrong in choosing the best tub for you. We thus present a few crucial things to consider when shopping for the perfect tub.

  • Type of bathtub

The very first point of consideration is the type of bathtub you would like to go for. You have plenty of choices like the standard tub, soaking tub, whirlpool tubs, air tubs, combination tubs, walk-in tubs, etc. Each has its own pros and cons. Depending on your unique personal situation, style requirements and budget; you can choose one.

  • Type of installation

Bathing might be all about your experience, but you cannot ignore its practical aspect of installing. The kind of plumbing layout your bathroom has; the available space and your preference would all need to harmonized to decide on the type of bathtub that would be installed in a specific way. Common installation options are alcove tubs, freestanding tubs, corner tubs, drop-in tubs, under mount tubs, etc.

  • Size

The next point of consideration is the size of your bathtub. Its dimensions need to fit inside your bathroom perfectly without causing any obstruction of movement or not allowing any other bathroom accessories to fit in. Sometimes you have the option of choosing the size, but most of the time you are limited by it.

  • Bathing experience

This is perhaps the most important factor. The kind of tub you choose will have an impact on the kind of bathing experience you get out of it. For instance, a hot soak bathtub will allow you to get your body completely relaxed and unwind by staying inside it for even an hour. Important considerations here are the shape, size, depth, etc. All this will decide how comfortable you would remain inside the tub.

Apart from these important factors; you can then consider various other factors like cost, shower option, etc. and then choose the best one for a dream bath for you.

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