Things to Consider Before Buying a Circular Saw

Things to Consider Before Buying a Circular Saw

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Being included in the list of the mostly used DIY tools now a day, the circular saw may help you in performing several tasks in a more convenient way. There is the wide range of variation in the models of the circular saw for performing a different kind of tasks i.e. cutting steel, wood, and masonry etc. For this reason, before purchasing a new circular saw, you should be well aware of the parameter which needs to be considered to get the perfect one. Otherwise, you may regret after purchasing a circular saw which is not at all compatible with your purpose. Also, you can find the top 5 mini circular saw here-

To guide you properly, we are here going to list the top parameter which needs to be considered to make a right purchase in the following:


While purchasing a circular, considering the power of its driving motor is undoubtedly the most vital point. The power of the motor needs to be chosen according to the work needs to be done. Always choosing the motor having the higher amount of power than the required will be the wise decision to complete the project in a convenient way. The circular saws are of two different types i.e. cordless and corded. The power representation technique also varies in these two different types of equipment. It is recommended to choose 15A motor in case of the corded circular saw or 20V batteries in case of cordless one.

Size of the blade:

The blade size of a circular saw determines the depth of the cut done by it. For most of the projects, blade size of 7.25 inch is compatible. With this blade, you may perform most of the domestic projects but the industrial project requirements are completely different. In any circumstances, if you have a special requirement choose the blade size wisely as you may not regret in the future.


Using a lightweight equipment is undoubted more comfortable than using a heavy one. The weight of the circular saw varies according to their build quality as well as price. Though the heavy circular saw is economic, investing few bucks more will surely be the wise decision if you want the comfort at the time of working.

Rotation speed:

At the time of purchasing a circular saw, you will see that the RPM is mentioned on the specifications label. The working capability increases simultaneously with the increase of the RPM. The circular saw having higher RPM can perform a specific within a short time period.

Electric Brake:

Considering safety as one of the most important concerns, go for those circular saws which have the electric brake. The electric brake reduced the speed of the rotating blade quickly thus reduces the chance of an accident.

Bevel angle:

If any angle lesser than 90° is formed at the time of cutting any substance with a circular saw, then that angle is referred as bevel angle. If a circular saw has more bevel angle then it has the ability to perform a wider cut. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase any circular saw having bevel angle minimum 50° or more.

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