The Major Steps in a Proper Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up

The Major Steps in a Proper Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up

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The furnace of your home is not designed to run all the time without ever being cleaned or maintained. Each time that you stitch the furnace on for the first time that year you should be thinking about the condition of your heating appliance and whether or not your furnace is ready to run. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, there is a good chance that your furnace will wear out and fail over time. That’s why it’s so important to look at professional cleaning and maintenance services to help you keep your system running in tip-top shape, but what’s included in a professional cleaning and tune-up? It’s important that you know this information, so you can make sure you’re getting all the work done that you need.

Clean up the Burners

Many major furnace failures and problems are related to dirty or misaligned burners. Make sure the maintenance professionals that come to your home take the time to clean up the burners and to align them if they are out of position. Most experts will clean off burners using compressed air and a stiff bristle brush. Buildup can become quite thick, so it takes time to clear off burners properly.

Clear Condensate Lines

Another key area that professionals need to focus on is the condensate line for your furnace. This line can become clogged and cause malfunctions in furnaces, especially during very cold periods when the furnace runs constantly. Getting this line cleared out is an important step for technicians to take to keep the furnace operating properly. Often compressed air is used to clear out these lines, but there are other techniques available as well. Often furnaces that suffer from unexplained problems that persist after a tune-up by technicians are suffering from clogged condensate lines.

Clear Blowers

Furnace blowers are constantly moving air around, which is why they are often equipped with filters. It’s important for blowers themselves to be cleaned out and prepared for smooth operation. They can become clogged or stop working properly over time, especially the fans themselves.  Compressed air or a simple wipe down will remove dust buildup on blowers and get them running properly once again. If your blower begins to sound strange, it’s possible it just needs a thorough cleaning.

Replace Filters

Your system should have a minimum of one in-line filter and many have additional filters to care for as well. It’s important that each one of these filters is replaced at the time of cleaning to keep them in good operating condition and to prevent things like air blockages from developing.

During maintenance, tests should also be performed to determine that the system is in proper working order and that it’s running efficiently. The outlined procedures above cover most of the standard cleaning practices on a furnace though. Consider hiring professionals to maintain your furnace to help keep it in better shape over time, otherwise, you could suffer from a premature failure and costly repairs that you don’t want to deal with.

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