The Main Reasons to Remove Graffiti

The Main Reasons to Remove Graffiti

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People may have different opinions on the issue of graffiti. For instance, there are those who support graffiti and consider it as a form of art. Furthermore, they are advocates on the issue at hand. The other group is one that considers graffiti as vandalism and defacing the surfaces.  For that reason, it is a crime for major urban cities in the world.

You may be on either side of the matter concerning graffiti and its removal.  Therefore, it is to your advantage to understand reasons behind removing graffiti in the street. Besides reasons for removing graffiti, this article has also highlighted the benefit.

To understand more about the reasons why graffiti is removed, read the following points:


Graffiti is burned in some cities once found. Additionally, the same authorities that constitute the law also facilitate the removal procedure.

Defacing the Surface Area

Apart from being a crime to paint on some surfaces without consent, graffiti defaces the surface. For instance, a design loses its original look once graffiti has been put on the wall. For that reason, the graffiti is removed immediately.

Other places that are defaced by graffiti include, on the train, vehicles, and shopping centers.  Additionally, I believe acts like this are ones that led to the barn of graffiti in many cities.


Removing of graffiti is largely considered a routine in cleaning the street. In addition, cleaning off graffiti can be done so as to put up another form of art. Most of this cleaning is done in areas that are left only for graffiti.

Once the graffiti is done on almost all the walls in a center it can give the area an untidy impression.   As a result, a cleanup program can be initiated to remove the graffiti.

Changing Impressions of People

For a while, graffiti has had a bad impression on the street. Furthermore, graffiti has been associated with crime. Once seen on the street, it creates a mental image of a dangerous place. Thus, it is removed to change the impression it has on people.

A number of key benefits arise from removing graffiti from the street. Below are key benefits:

  • A clean neighborhood
  • Graffiti removal is associated with positive attributes and perceptions of the area
  • Crime rate reduces
  • Improves businesses – for example removing the graffiti on the shopping centers attracts more customers


Graffiti should be practiced in areas and regions where it has been allowed. Otherwise, illegal graffiti should be removed and the people who participated are punished. Personally, I consider graffiti as an art, but once done without the consent of authority /owner/illegally it should be removed.

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