Show Off Your Favorite Photos with Canvas Prints

Show Off Your Favorite Photos with Canvas Prints

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Many people choose to have their favorite photographs committed to the canvas and hang them on their walls. Canvas print the scan be incredibly decorative and can add warmth and life to any space. Canvas prints feature images that have been added to canvas via an inkjet printer. The canvas itself is normally stretched or gallery-wrapped to fit a frame after it is printed. Many canvas prints feature stock images, though a large number of people opt to customize canvas prints with their own photographs.

What are canvas prints made from?

Polyester or cotton are regularly used to make canvas prints purchased for the home. Whilst many canvas prints are mass produced, many services offer one-off prints. Canvas prints are generally more affordable than framed artworks for several reasons. For instance, the fact that the pine frame cannot be seen means the wood does not need to be treated for aesthetic purposes. In the past, the canvas was made from hemp, though cotton, linen, and polyester are now favored over this.

Polyester or cotton?

Though polyester canvas prints tend to be more vivid in appearance, cotton prints usually have more longevity. The reason polyester canvases tend to look more vibrant and colorful is that color seeps into cloth both remains on the surface of the polyester strands. Polyester tends to be the more cost-effective choice, though some people regard cotton canvases as being of superior quality.


Paper versus canvas

One of the biggest debates around printing artwork is whether it’s better to print on paper or on canvas. Both options have several benefits. Paper prints can offer exceptional detail, and many people say black-and-white artwork looks better on paper. Frames can also be chosen which compliment your existing décor perfectly. However, there are also disadvantages attached to printing on paper and framing your artwork and photographs, such as the reflections and glare from light, the cost and the way you may feel more emotionally-removed from the print.

More canvas printing benefits

The improvements in printing technology mean that printing on canvas can deliver better results than ever before. With canvas prints, you don’t need to worry about glare and reflections, you don’t have to reduce the image size to accommodate the frame, can create large sizes for lower costs and may feel more emotionally tuned into the image. As there is no frame, the artwork is more likely to blend in with your décor.

Ordering canvas prints

Today, there are many services offering you the opportunity to purchase your own bespoke canvas prints online, and many options when it comes to personalization. Modern canvas prints can provide you with a 3-dimensional look and offer fade-resistant printing that ensures they continue to look great even years down the line. If you do have images you wish to add to a canvas and are buying online, it’s wise to ensure the images you are sending over are of the highest-resolution possible to get the best and sharpest results.

Some buyers even choose to add word art and text to their canvas, and adding several different images to a canvas to create a collage is also a popular option. If you’re feeling particularly artistic, you can even split your image over series of differently-sized canvas for an eye-catching visual effect. If you are seeking out interesting wall art ideas to totally transform a space for the better, canvas prints could be the perfect solution for your requirements.

Ideas for canvas printing

Perhaps you are interested in having your own personal canvas prints created for you but are struggling for ideas? If so, read on. Though a large number of people do choose to opt for contemporary family photos or artistic shots they have taken themselves, old photos can also look great on canvas. One way to get the best results is to have the photo retouched to make sure it looks crisp and impressive on canvas. If you are inexperienced in this area, there are many high-quality services available that will digitally restore your photos for you. Finally, make sure you are choosing an image that you will enjoy seeing on a daily basis once it is added to your space.

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