Should You Move During the Christmas Season

Should You Move During the Christmas Season

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Let’s be honest with you – moving during Christmas season to NYC is not so easy. But it is also not impossible! If you know everything about it, you’ll know how to handle the relocation. Therefore, we’ll inform you about all the things that are important to know in order to have a successful holiday move. After you read them, you’ll know whether you should move to NYC during the Christmas season or not.

The holiday season is a busy season

Moving during Christmas is something most people don’t look forward to. But even though you feel like that about the Christmas move, movers are actually very busy in this part of the year. Especially those who are known for doing their job well.

So, if you are planning to hire a reliable moving company for a move during the Christmas season, you’ll need to do it as soon as possible. First, find the number one moving company and remember which things to consider when choosing a moving company. Next, schedule your move. Don’t be lazy and schedule your move early if you don’t want to lose your preferable moving company. Timing is everything! Pick the best date for the move during the Christmas season.

Prepare your wallet for the move during the Christmas season

Most moving companies have more expensive services when you hire them during the busy season. So, you’ll have to pay for your move more than in some other part of the year. And if we add to this buying Christmas presents to your family and friends, you’ll end up with a large receipt. Even though it seems like an impossible mission, know your budget limit and stay under it! And if you want to save a little money, here’s another important tip. Avoid weekend relocations and go for the mid-week. Weekend relocations cost more and moving companies are sometimes short-staffed.

Think about the weather

If you are planning to move your house during the winter, you’ll need to be extra careful. Of course, this only goes for places with harsh winter. If you are moving from a sunny place to a sunnier one, you’re in luck. But for all of you who are moving this Christmas to NYC, picking the right date for the move is crucial. Follow local weather forecast and be prepared to cancel your move if the weather conditions are bad.

Protect your home

Another important tip when moving during the snowy season – protect your home. Protect your old home and new one, too. So, if you think that Upper East Side relocation might be a good idea because of its beautiful apartments, focus on keeping them in the same condition you’ve found them. You’ll need some water absorbent materials to cover your floors. Have a cleaning kit by your side and keep the snow out of your home.

Having snow in your home is not the right type of Christmas decorations for your house. Be careful – snow can damage your hardwood floors.

Injuries are a common thing when moving during winter

Snow and ice can be very dangerous, especially when you are loading a vehicle with your belongings. Be cautious! Clean your driveways and porches. Ask a friend or two to help you. Do this before the moving day, and on a moving day. Walk slowly and carefully. This way, no one will get hurt. Since winter move can be dangerous, hiring a moving company like Heart Moving Manhattan NYC is the best option for you. They’ll know how to transport all of your belongings and you’ll be happy because of surviving the move during the Christmas season.

Setting up utilities before moving in is important

Last but not least important thing when moving during the winter is setting up the utilities. There’s nothing worse than moving into a cold home, with no power or electricity. This is very dangerous if you have small children. All of you will need a warm home, so make sure everything is working in your new home.

Christmas season is a perfect time for a donation

The golden rule of every move is decluttering! If you are living in a home for more than 5 years, you probably have unnecessary stuff in almost every room. These items aren’t welcome in your new home! If you don’t use them, don’t bring them with you. Less stuff will make your room look bigger.

If you are wondering what to do with all the extra stuff, well, there are many options. You can sell them online, or on a yard sale. You can throw them in the garbage, but do this only if they are damaged a lot. Or go for a better option – donating. It is Christmas season, time for buying and getting presents. You have the chance to donate all of your unnecessary stuff. Make someone happy by giving them something they need.

You can still celebrate Christmas

Yes, you are moving and the chaos is all around you. You keep tripping on your moving boxes and you’ve already lost your moving checklist. But hey, it is Christmas! Who said you can’t celebrate it the right way?

  • You have the excuse to gather the whole family. Tell them you desperately need their help for the move during the Christmas season and all of them will be there.
  • Make a party! Everything will already be in your moving boxes, meaning nothing can be broken.
  • Pack Christmas decorations last. Only a few of them will be enough for keeping up the holiday spirit.
  • Forget about the stress and have fun. You got this!

As you can see, the idea of the move during the Christmas season doesn’t seem so crazy now. People do it all the time, so why couldn’t you do it? After reading carefully our simple tips, you’ll be having the best relocation and you’ll remember this Christmas for the rest of your life. Happy Holidays to all of you!

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