Property Management made easy- The one-stop solution for NRIs

Property Management made easy- The one-stop solution for NRIs

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Bangalore has been the epicentre of a thriving real estate industry with several resiepicentre establishments springing up at every locality. More and more NRIs are choosing to invest in the city, not only because it is a wise financial decision, but also to retain a connection to their roots. To make home-ownership a hassle-free experience for them, Nestaway offers NRI Property Services in Bangalore which are a comprehensive solution to all your property management woes.

One of Nestaway’s service offerings is the management of maintenance arrears and dues related to any property- villa or apartment. With every investment in a property comes an added incumbent of paying monthly dues related to electricity, utility, property maintenance and various others payments. It is a daunting task when you have to keep track of your payment dates for the utilities that have been accorded to your home. Nestaway guarantees you a way, where you the ‘PROPERTY OWNER can breathe in peace while we take care of the timely completion of tasks for you. By signing up with us, you could benefit from the services listed below:

  • Electricity Bills – Pay the monthly flat rental for the electricity charges directly to the provider. We will liaise with the provider for you.
  • Water Bills – Pay your monthly charges for the provision of water in your taps without worrying to make contact with the provider. We will do it for you.
  • Annual Maintenance – Pay your annual maintenance charges to your apartment association or the agency that handles the upkeep of your complex. We shall be in touch with the concerned authorities to follow up on payment schedules
  • Property Tax- An annual tax that has to be paid for owning a property to your local municipality or Panchayat, depending on the area you reside in, can be settled by giving us the required instructions and authorization to settle it on your behalf.

If you are considering using our property management services, we would more than glad to give you a brief about our services. Our team of professionals will give you a thorough insight into the way the services will be managed. The aspects of payment of dues are dealt with in a structured manner. Our team of professionals will provide you with various options of payments ( monthly, annually, quarterly) to opt from. Once you have chosen the required plan, the team will be in touch with you to notify the dates when a payment is due. Our team will brief all the necessary formalities to be completed and a single point of contact will take you through the process from start to finish. We also provide our customers with proof of all issues dealt with to maintain transparency in the process.

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