Practical Tips to Improve Landscape of Old Houses

Practical Tips to Improve Landscape of Old Houses

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Landscaping is a combination of science and art, a blend of creativity and formulas. That’s why landscaping trends, strategies, and styles continuously evolve. And as they continue to change, older homes with an outdated landscape stick out like a sore thumb.

If you are an owner of one of these old houses, you don’t want to feel left out like that nor do you want to look like you’re keeping up with changing the whole landscape. If you asked any reputable and established landscape designers in Los Angeles, they will tell you that you don’t need to break your budget just to make your house exteriors inviting.

Improving the look of your outdoor living space might be a tall order, but you’ll see the difference it can make to your house, especially when it comes to its retail value in the market.

Before you begin, decide first what LA landscape design you have in mind. This is a very crucial step because it will become the guideline for your budget, your materials, and the professional landscaper Los Angeles you will hire. If you think that this step is quite a challenge, you can always ask the help of a professional.

When starting your outdoor makeover, always plan on time. For example, before you start renovating the exteriors of your house, it’s much better to finish the pre-installation phase of the yard. By having a clear goal, you also have a clear schedule.  As a by-product, you save time, money, and effort.

When thinking about the landscape design, you have to understand that there are many components involved.  For a landscaper in Los Angeles, one important factor that they always put into consideration is the safety of the landscape from fire, especially forest fire. With this in mind, using fire-resistant materials and plants in and around your property can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.  Thus, if you have juniper trees in your garden, you might consider removing it for good because it is one high-combustible material. You should also ask your LA landscape design artist to recommend plants that will protect your property against fire.

Next component to be considered is the water – you have to create an efficient water system that will waste large amounts of water. You don’t need a Los Angeles pool installation service to have this in place. The LA landscape design specialist that you hired must know what kind of efficient irrigation system should be in place.

Next, ask your landscaper to suggest what kinds of plants are low maintenance and does not require a lot of attention. Choosing such plants will save you time and effort, especially if you have a very busy schedule. Of course, there is no single plant that requires zero maintenance but planning and choosing the right kinds of plants in your yard presents an advantage to you in the long run.

Landscape Architect versus Landscape Contractor

Doing all these stuff – from planning to planting – can be overwhelming and frustrating if you hire the wrong person for the job. Most often, a lot of homeowners debate whether they should get a landscape architect or a landscape contractor. Although the two are both LA landscape design specialists, they are different.

A landscape architect is a licensed professional, an expert that primarily creates a landscape plan. During that process, he will work with you to create concepts, sketches, and detailed plans as well as the necessary documents for the project. The landscape architect can also become the project manager unless you decide to hire a contractor.

A landscape contractor, on the other hand, does not create a landscape plan but he can supervise your landscaping project and make sure that it goes according to the created blueprint and the set schedule.

No matter what your choice is, the whole point is having a professional landscaper in Los Angeles handle the project. Don’t forget as well to check whether that professional is licensed and certified to work in California and that they have insurance – both workers comp and liability insurance.

If in case you choose to do a DIY, there are always books, magazines, and websites where you can draw inspiration from. But you have to take note that this will be a physically and mentally draining project, one that will also take so much of your time.

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