Plastic Enclosures for Electronics in an Assortment of Ranges

Plastic Enclosures for Electronics in an Assortment of Ranges

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There are companies that are well-known for making electronics plastic enclosures. The range of enclosures consists of DIN rail mounted, panel mounted, or wall mounted. There is at the same time a wide assortment of IP rated enclosures that are fit for use outdoors or in environments that are wet. These varieties of enclosures for electronics are suitable for:

  • Building automation
  • HVAC
  • Energy metering markets

Custom plastic housings

It is becoming more common for customers to use the custom plastic electrical housings that are made for a din rail mounted enclosure. While some companies do not make a complex “clip” to attach to the actual din rail, so enclosures are made so it can accommodate a screwed-on bracket of metal that serves as the din rail point of attachment.

Reinforcing housing

The companies reinforce the housing making certain it withstands the force used to put the enclosure on and off the din rail. This offers a complete custom din rail mounted enclosure solution without having to buy something standard off the shelf that does not suit your application “just right”.

Exceptional standards

These companies pride themselves on exceptional standards, and all enclosures are tested thoroughly in labs that are very sophisticated. Many of these labs features include:

  • Dynamometer for testing tensile strength
  • A climatic chamber
  • Short durometer for hardness testing
  • Compression test
  • Extrusion plastic meter to test the index of Melt Flow of molten polymers


Range customised

The DIN Rail electronic enclosures ranges can be customised to meet customer needs by printing and machining at a price that is highly competitive.

Made for

Many of these applications for enclosures are made for:

  • HVAC
  • Energy metering markets
  • Building automation
  • Equipment for the monitoring of industrial processes
  • Marine equipment

Enclosures made for

There are enclosures for electronics, embedded platforms; IP rated enclosures as well as handheld enclosures.

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