Oklahoma Safe Room Is Needed for spring in This Tornado Prone Area

Oklahoma Safe Room Is Needed for spring in This Tornado Prone Area

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This is the beginning of tornado season in Oklahoma. If you don’t have a Safe Room, you should think about getting one. Each year it seems that Oklahoma’s springtime has gotten more turbulent – many believe it is due to climate change.

Natural disasters

Recent photos of natural disasters show how necessary it is for tornado shelters either inside, or close to, homes especially when you live in areas that are tornado-prone. A Safe Room usually costs around $2500 to $5000 to build – but that is a very little price to pay for your family and pets to be safe.

Passed all Texas Tech testing

Your Oklahoma Safe Room has all passed the Texas Tech tornado centers impact test and meet FEMA guidelines for safety during an EF5 tornado. Your Oklahoma Safe Room can be mounted as an exterior separate room, or as a part of any current home garage. If you have a home that is a pre-manufactured– this Safe Room can be another room for the interior. All the Safe Rooms have passed FEMA certifications. Nothing can go through the steel door not even the impacts of debris from an EF-5 tornado.


When the day for installation comes is will be delivered completely assembled and the installation time for our Oklahoma Safe Rooms normally takes less than an hour.


You should supply the Safe Room with First Aid kit; medications you might need, batteries for the emergency radio, a flashlight, basic tools, water, blankets, and snacks.

Storm shelters Bonham

This company works hard to make sure you are given professional services. Even after the sale of the steel tornado Safe Room, they prove the commitment by using custom-made in-house trained installers. Storm Shelters Bonham, Texas specializes in tornado Safe Rooms.

Meet expectations

All the tornado Safe Rooms they build can withstanding debris flying out of an EF5 tornado, and they meet FEMA 320 and ICC-500 Standards. And they all have a Certified Engineer Approved Seal.

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