Make Your Home Comfortable and Efficient with Large Ceiling Fans

Make Your Home Comfortable and Efficient with Large Ceiling Fans

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Big ceiling fans are designed for oversized houses and outdoors. They provide tremendous air circulation with the help of those huge blades. The blade span in the large ceiling fans category varies between 60 inches to 120 inches, which you can choose depending upon the size of the living room. These fans are extremely efficient and move the massive amount of air, keeping you cool and comfortable.

There are many fans available with energy star ratings which use less power and minimize your utility bills. This type of fans has 6-speed control instead of the 3-speed found in traditional models.

Modern Fan Outlet has a wide array of large ceiling fans that can be operated with a remote control, giving the added convenience to control the airspeed without having to move from your place. These huge fans complement the large rooms of your home. With the option to select from a wide collection of color schemes, these fans enhance the beauty of your living space. You can buy a large ceiling fan to go with your home décor. Note that there are different fans for indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor fans can be either wet rated or damp rated.

These fans are available with down rod of different lengths so that the distance between the floor and fan can be optimized. Some of them have polished nickel finish which gives an elegant look to the interiors. The lights fixed onto them add to their grandeur. Since they are fitted with LED light, they can illuminate the entire room with very little power consumption.

With long graceful blades, these fans move air with remarkable efficiency. There are some huge fans that are available for both commercial and residential purposes. Oil rubbed bronze finish fans give that beautiful look to your patio and balconies; if you want that tropical look outdoors, just check them out. These fans have blades in the shape of leaves with a solid walnut wood finish. These cool fans are perfect for those porches and outdoor areas.

For the traditional styles of décor, you can get the heritage style bronze finish fans that have a pull chain operation. They enhance the traditional look of your space.

Dual head ceiling fans are another type to try for the large rooms. Each fan motor can be tilted which pushes the air through the room. These stylish fans have a walnut wood finish which accentuates your home décor. It gives a rustic look to the room. These fans are highly energy efficient. Fitted with the latest DC technology motors they consume less power and produce immense air.

Some of the large fans have multiple aluminum blades which are very efficient. Give your room that tropical rainforest looks with well-crafted bamboo rattan fans. Depending on the size and style of the room, you have a huge collection of fans to choose from. These oversized fans can be used for industrial purposes too. Fans with large pendants are ideal for the contemporary design.

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