Learn About the Home Security Project to Protect Packages

Learn About the Home Security Project to Protect Packages

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Has this happened to you? Starting about a year ago more large parcels started to be left at everyone’s door – sometimes every day. This is happening because almost everyone has started to shop more over the internet and usually the parcels don’t fit into our mailboxes. So, it dawned on someone about the need to redesign the mailbox. And that is being done with the home security mailbox project.


The Mailbox Sentinel is about the size of decorative curbside masonry mailboxes yet functions much better as a device that receives and returns packages. If you order one of these there are options for custom wrap available for anyone who wants to match the exterior of their home.

Other features

The Mailbox Sentinel:

  • Features a front and rear video surveillance with two-way audio
  • Videos can be stored in the cloud
  • Inside the cabinet, address placards illuminate at night
  • Deliveries and returns are easy due to the remote lock and unlock features
  • MBS is a keyless device that unlocks when paired devices approach

 Made of

The Mailbox Sentinel has a strong finish and powder coat and is designed of non-corrosive 1/8 aluminum as well as 14-gauge stainless steel. It’s strong in all its detail and is a very promising IOT device.

More protection of parcels

The Mailbox Sentinel does a lot more than protect parcels as well as your identity. It is also a device that is interactive that communicates and guard’s night and day from your homes first point of entry. It monitors your residence from the viewpoint of the street. It also lets you speak to carriers or anyone else as if you were at home. Plus, it will save frustration as well as time.

Safe packages

Your packages are safe and will never be stolen again. Packages being stolen have become a big problem in today’s world. When they don’t fit in your regular mailbox they are just left setting by the front door. Amazon and other companies are all trying to come up with ways to prevent this from happening, but nothing is currently in development that makes the owner feel safe about their packages.

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