Keep your microwave clean with lemon

Keep your microwave clean with lemon

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Cooking is a critical process. This is because cooking includes the essential activities of cutting, washing, blending and cleaning. But, no one likes the last part that is cleaning. Nowadays, the microwave is a primary requirement in all kitchens and is used for all purposes like boiling, heating and other related processes. This indicates that the microwave has to be cleaned every day. This can be a nightmare for some people so they should be aware of the fact as to how to clean microwave with lemon.

Steps to keep your microwave as good as new

The steps that should be followed for cleaning the microwave and keeping it as good as new can be listed down as follows:

  • About half a cup of water should be poured into a bowl
  • The lemon that should be used for the purpose of cleaning should be sliced into two equal halves. The juice of the lemon should be squeezed into the water. One can also keep the two halves of lemon in the water for making the water more concentrated with lemon juice.
  • Now, the bowl consisting of the lemon water should be placed in the microwave. The lemon water than should be heated inside the microwave for about three minutes in order to make sure that the liquid has been boiled.
  • This is the most essential step as because the microwave is cleaned by the steam that is generated when the lemon juice in the bowl has been heated. During this time, the door of the microwave should not be opened. This is because the steam will result in the loosening of the food particles that are stuck in the microwave. The duration of keeping the microwave door closed should be for five minutes.
  • After the microwave has been kept closed for five minutes, the door should be opened very carefully and the bowl should be taken out. Next, the turntable of the microwave should be taken out and cleaned separately.
  • A dry piece of cloth should be used for cleaning the interiors of the cooking device.

Keep a lemon handy

These times while cooking do not just use lemons in the food but also use them to clean your microwave. It is a known saying that a clean kitchen will always result in the preparation of food that is good and healthy. Moreover, this process will not only save your time but also save your money by letting you avoid buying the expensive kitchen cleaning liquids and soaps. The lemon water can also be used for cleaning the stubborn stains.

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