Identifying your Needs to Choose the Right Equipment

Identifying your Needs to Choose the Right Equipment

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There are numerous factors to consider about yourself while choosing the right adaptation or equipment for you. For that matter, you would need to identify how able and stable are you when:

  • Mobilizing: Are you able to walk or propel yourself in a wheelchair?
  • Transferring: Are you able to move your body from one surface or location to another?
  • Are you able to sit and stand unsupported or do you need support?
  • Are you able to grip with your hands?
  • Are you able to support your body weight on one leg and for how long?
  • Are you able to step up or step down?

Choosing the Right Lift for your Needs

Consulting a physiotherapist in this regard could prove to be a great help in determining and assessing your level of mobility on the stairs. He would also give you some professional advice on how to manage yourself safely. Some of the options would be as follows:

  • If you are not able to walk and need support while in the seated position, then considering a lift that would be able to accommodate you and the wheelchair would be the best option such as the floor lift or wheelchair stair lift.
  • If you are not able to walk but can transfer yourself from one surface to another, then you can go for stair lifts that can be positioned to enable you to transfer yourself on and off them safely. In order to look at a range of lifts, we suggest you visit to know about your options.
  • On the other hand, if you are unable to transfer yourself on and off the seat independently then seeking professional advice would be best as assisted transfers can be really menacing and risky at the top of the stairs and should be avoided to the maximum.

Factors to Consider

Considering the following factors can be helpful in choosing the right equipment:

Level of Disability

Climbing the stairs is a tiresome task particularly when you are not able enough or are disabled. Considering installing some equipment that will help to minimize the effort and strain will allow you to invest your energy in other fun activities. Also, you would want to take into consideration your future needs. For instance, is your condition likely to worsen with aging? If the answer is yes, then considering to install a lift in your home right now is every bit worth it to future-proof your home for your safety and mobility.


Your weight plays a significant role in choosing the equipment or adaptation as every equipment has its weight limitations. So, weigh yourself accurately and check out the manufacturer’s remarks on the manual.


Height is another factor to be considered as you will need to have some clearance for your feet and knees when moving around the corners on the stairs that might be tight particularly in a seated position.

If you are unsure about anything at all, it is best to have a formal assessment of your needs from a local authority and then choose the right equipment to ensure your safety as well as independence on the stairs.

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