How to Save Money with Flooring Protection?

How to Save Money with Flooring Protection?

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Appreciating your Floors

How often do you think about your floors? Perhaps not as often as you should. That which exists beneath our feet and which we walk upon every day is often taken for granted. It is only when they have to replaced or repaired, at a painful cost, that their importance is appreciated, albeit temporarily. Most of the time, they tend to be at the very bottom of priorities. That can be a costly mistake.

The Cost of flooring

How much does floor covering cost? Well, the answer depends on the type of floor covering you wish to have. If you are opting for carpets, then the average cost of carpeting a small room is around £400 and cost for a large room around £900. Of course, this figure may vary depending on the style and quality of carpets that you choose. The cost is about the same if you choose laminate flooring. If, however, you opt for wood flooring then the cost is significantly higher with a small room coming in at around £875 and the cost of a large room coming in at around a whopping £2,400. Conversely, vinyl flooring is the cheapest option with the cost of a small room at around £180 and a large room at around £400.

If you have a large apartment or, say, a three-bedroom house, then you can take the figures above and easily extrapolate the eye-watering cost of replacing the flooring throughout your home. Similarly, replacing the flooring of anything other than the smallest office will be equally damaging to your finances.

Flooring Protection

These potential costs are going to march to the front and center if you’re having any sort of refurbishment or redecoration work carried out on your home or your workplace. Even if this only consists of painting. Whatever type of floor covering you have, it can quickly be ruined by splashed paint, plaster, oil smudges and, in the case of wood flooring, irreparably damaged by such things as tools, heavy equipment or workmen’s boots. That damage can cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, though, there is a way to prevent it and save money.

By the simple expediency of flooring protection, you can prevent your floor coverings from being ruined during redecoration, refurbishment or internal building work. There is a range of different products available from simple adhesive tapes to carpet protection film to products such anti-fatigue mats, cardboard mats or bubble mats which can protect carpets but will also protect smooth surfaces such as laminated flooring or wood flooring. There is even a product which will protect your stairs. All of these are readily available at very reasonable prices.

The Price is Cheap

Anyone who is footing the bill for refurbishments or building work is, understandably, very conscious of costs and they want to make sure that the bill does not escalate. But the cost of not investing in flooring protection can be ruinous, as well as unintended. Furthermore, the cost of replacement flooring is “sunk costs”, which is to say that you derive no extra benefit for your money. Floor protection is not expensive, and you need to balance the cost of getting it to the far greater cost of not getting it.

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