How to prevent mold from destroying your home

How to prevent mold from destroying your home

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If you are a property owner then you are going to want to do everything that you can possibly do to protect your investment. Whether it is the roof, walls, floors or foundation you are going to do whatever that it is that you can do in order to protect your investment.

There could be any kind of mold harming your family:

There are 1000’s of different kinds of mold species in the world. Out of all of the 1000’s of different kinds of molds only a handful are seriously toxic and jeopardize the health of you and your family. Are you willing to put your families health at risk because you think that you have cleaned enough? No!

How to spot mold in your home:

Not all molds are created equal. Some molds are harder to spot than others, while other types of mold can only be seen when there is the presence of water. You are probably your average homeowner and people like you and I are not the best equipped to locate mold issues.

A good rule of thumb is to hire a home inspector to come over to your property and provide you with a mold inspection service. During the mold inspection, the property inspection company will crawl under your home and locate any sources of water which may be causing the mold issues that your home is having.

The home inspection company that comes over will also climb high up on the roof. On the roof, he will be looking for sources of water that can enter the home. He will check the flashing, shingles and overall condition of the roof during the roof inspection phase of the home inspection service.

How much can mold damage cause?

Mold can cause a property to be demolished when it overtakes the wood in a home. There have been extreme cases that this happens. In these cases, there is nothing left that can be done and necessary. It is estimated that nearly one billion dollars of damage are caused to US homes each year because of mold damage.

What to look for in the way that you feel from the effects of mold:

Mold can have potentially life-threatening consequences on the health of your family. Mold can cause respiratory issues, immune responses and can potentially lead to brain damage. Signs that mold may be causing health issues are; blurry vision, running nose, watery eyes, body aches, among many others.

Do not risk the health of your family and call a home inspection company now.

If you are concerned about the health and well-being of your family then you will want to hire a home inspection company on an annual base. This way you will have peace of mind and always feel your best knowing you are protected.

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