How to Include Trees Within Your Landscape

How to Include Trees Within Your Landscape

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The landscape surrounding a home can add greatly to the overall curb appeal of the property. A landscape gardening plan that does not include trees is rare, but often the home is a new build. While some people enjoy having a lot of trees surrounding their home, others prefer their landscape to be relatively open featuring only a few accent trees.

Deciduous Trees Help Save Energy

Deciduous trees drop their leaves in the fall, but during the summer months these trees offer cooling shade to the home which reduces the need for air conditioning. When the leaves fall in autumn the sun shines through to provide warmth to rooms with southern and eastern exposure. Large trees should not be planted close to the home since branches or the entire tree may fall during serious wind storms.

Evergreens Protect the Home From Wind

Evergreen trees come in multiple sizes and varieties. When evergreens are planted along the northern and western perimeters of the property, the natural windbreak helps to reduce heat loss and save energy.

Plant Flowering Trees for a Beautiful Landscape

When choosing flowering trees to add color and beauty to the landscape, it is essential to pay attention to the zone requirements. While a warmer climate allows the homeowner many choices of accent trees and shrubs, zones five and below have freezing winter temperatures that would kill some plants. The magnolia, crepe myrtle and flowering dogwood are attractive choices for warm climates, but flowering crab-apple trees, the tulip poplar and the old fashioned lilac tree are favorites of four season homeowners.

Although most people live in homes with established trees defining the landscape, they may choose to make some updates. The changes may involve removing trees to make room for expanded outdoor living space. A professional tree service should be hired to make sure the removal is done safely.

Patio areas are very popular since they offer additional space for entertaining. The patio can be created with block paving and enhanced with a water feature such as a fountain or fish pond. The sound of trickling water has a calming influence, making the patio a good place to find a bit of relief from everyday stress. Some people choose to install artificial turf in the area of the patio where outdoor furniture will be placed. This creates a softer surface and the appearance of a grassy area surrounded by accent trees.

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