How to Choose Countertops for your kitchen

How to Choose Countertops for your kitchen

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Three features paramount to consider when making a choice of a countertop is its resistance to heat, style, and maintenance. This element is a must of the kitchen that can be composed of different materials (quartz and resin, natural stone, solid wood, laminates, glass). Each material offers some benefits and requires specific maintenance care. Visit to see how these materials are used.

Types of Countertops

The base on which any kitchen is supported is the countertop. In the first place, because the two essential elements of this room are integrated into it: the cooking zone or plate and the washing area. Second, because tasks are performed on it that require a clean and resistant to shock and high temperatures.

After seeing this summary of materials, we detail one by one the types of countertops based on the material with which they are manufactured. You can now make easy choices.

Laminated Countertops

They are made in agglomerate and on the surface they have several sheets to protect them and give them a decorative finish. They can be fixed with ease and economical. Its strength and durability are less than that of granite or quartz, but it has a diverse and attractive range of colors and effects that adapt to any kitchen style. In addition, some models can be waterproof, that is, with greater resistance to water and moisture than other laminated countertops.

Oiled Solid Wood Countertops

They can be custom or standard size. In the first case, it is wood of denomination of origin with a treatment that provides greater durability to the natural wood. It has medium resistance to impact and scratching, and you can choose up to 3 types of splices and finishes.

Standard solid wood countertops are composed of joined slats. To maintain its hardness, impermeability, average resistance to temperatures and to avoid stains to a greater extent, it is convenient to apply a treatment to protect it. With it, you will get a warm and timeless look in your kitchen.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz resists impacts, scratches, and moisture very well as it is not porous. It is necessary to put a protector if you wish to place objects at high temperatures. It stands out for its great diversity of colors and finishes.

Granite Countertops

Resistant to heat, scratches, and impacts; including the stains whenever water-repellent and antibacterial treatments are applied. Maintaining and cleaning it is very simple.

Porcelain Countertops

Does not allow abrasion, heat, stains. Its material doesn’t scratch easily and of great durability.

Ultra-compact Porcelain Countertops

Very durable. Its material is very repellant to stains, scratches, and heat, with greater resistance to impact. Its biggest superior quality is the knowledge that it does not burn and its non-porosity.

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