How to become more environmental friendly

How to become more environmental friendly

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Consider all the changes that have occurred over the planet during the past period, maybe now is the final time for us to become more environmentally friendly in order to keep our planet safe since it is supposed to be a home for many generations even after us. Nowadays, we are facing a lot of changes towards the environment, considering the climate changes and it is time to face the fact that we are all responsible for this. In order to make a change towards the world, first, you must change your attitude and the way you are acting in your everyday life.

The first step you can make towards being a better person is to stop wasting the water bottles. Since they come in many shapes and sizes, and most of them are used only once and thrown afterward, they are making very big harm towards nature. Since almost 80{c8f0bd29eee558107b82fbcea509087520306d94155679ec326c92b5517e8ef3} aren’t recycled after that, recently purchasing new plastic bottles of water is making more harm than you can imagine. Instead of continuing with this habit, you can move on and purchase a glass bottle, which you will refill and use every day. Plus, when you stop doing this every day, you will save some money at the end of the month, which can be reused for a different activity.

The second thing you can do is to stop using so much paper. Instead of writing everything down on post-it notes, you can use the perks of the technological developments and do everything on your phone or computer. We are well aware that there is nothing better than a reminder in front of our eyes, but also, we think that it is a matter of habit. If you set alarms or notifications that will keep you aware of your duties, we are sure that you won’t be experiencing any problems.

Another thing that you can do, which is very important is considering taking a public transport, bike or to share a ride with your coworkers. Using the public transport is a cheap version, but also, if your workplace is semi-near to your house, you can choose biking your way to the workplace. Plus, with this way of transport, you will spare the extra calories and be in an excellent health condition. If you don’t consider the previous options as good as going to your workplace with a car, you can always share a ride with your coworkers and save some money when saving the environment.

Nowadays, we are not aware of how much water we are spending inadequately, and how much harm we are making towards since the world is lacking water when looking at the statistics over the past years. If you choose to save some water under the shower, you will save more money, and save almost a thousand gallons of water. Also, if you live in a house and have a garden, you can consider collecting the rainfall in bolted tanks, and reuse it afterward. There are many cheap options nowadays when considering making a rainfall collecting systems, so by this method, you will have some extra water that can be used for watering the flowers or washing your car and bike. And if you are interested in learning more about this method, you can read additional information by following this link.

Last, but not least – always recycle the garbage. Not only that you need to throw the garbage separately in order to keep it organized, you should consider taking all the plastic materials and bring them back in the grocery store. Many of them will offer you a bottle return center. Even though the amount of money collected by this method may not sound as much at first, make sure that at the end of the month, you will be surprised at how much you’ve saved.


Being environmental-friendly is our duty as the temporary residents on this planet, and it is our responsibility to keep it as safe as we can. The best way to do it is to start acting like that, with small steps, in order to make the collective awareness over it bigger. Even though it may feel like nothing compared to the bigger picture, be sure that you will serve as an example towards the others.

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