Home Security systems Melbourne by GEA Services

Home Security systems Melbourne by GEA Services

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Times are up when we have the old and ordinary type of security systems for home and commercial uses. Today, the technology has advanced the overall security system worldwide. Now you do not need to wait to reach the house to see the CCTV videos because with the help of latest technology, this could be done, does not matter that how far you are from home or commercial place where you have installed the latest Home Alarms security systems Melbourne. The new GEA services do not wait for the owners and call the polices on time at the time of theft on their client’s property.

The security systems Melbourne offered by the GEA services are much different and advance from the old security systems. They do not only install the cameras and alarms at right place after evaluating the risk of theft but also monitor your property 24 hours. They also provide you the access to the CCTV cameras so that you can also look at your property with the help of GPRS technology on your mobile and other devices.

Their main services which make the security efficient are iPhone answering front door, video intercom system and option to open and close the door from a distance.

Security Alarm systems Melbourne with GEA:

The objective of GEA services is to provide a reliable security system to their customers. Instead of only installing Home alarms and security cameras at different points of the property (personal and commercial) they also linked them to their customer’s mobile phones. Now the property owners can view their property without being on the places with the help of internet. We all know that internet works everywhere. So, to look at your property, all you need to have the internet and access to a digital device.

Security and monitoring services by GEA:

Rather than just providing and placing the box alarm, the GEA security services has introduced the custom alarm systems that are integrated with technology. This included the motion detector, gas and fire detection, loss of power deduction and break glass detection. This means that you will get alert on your mobile device if there is any motion in your property where you have installed the security system. The message will be also sent to the GEA security company who will then decide that how to deal with this. If they found the existence of thieves then the GEA will contact the police.

The other things which make GEA services different from other the quality of equipment. If you visit a regular security company you will found that their equipment is very low and they are still using the SD cameras. Where on other hands, the GEA has introduced the HD cameras concept including the idea of hidden cameras so that the security cannot be breached even if the thieves are smart. The other things which make them unique are the monitoring system services, recoding to DVR and notification on mobile phone and iPad.

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