Give Your Bathroom The Perfect Faucet Finish

Give Your Bathroom The Perfect Faucet Finish

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The bathroom is no longer the simple room it was before. Today a lot of thought goes into its decoration and choosing simple things like the faucet demands a lot of deliberation on the part of the buyer. From aesthetics to utility each and every feature is given its due consideration so as to get value for money with every faucetsuperdeal.

In fact among its many features, the finish of the faucet is what attracts most people towards it. The finish of the faucet should be such that it matches with the finish of the other bathroom utilities like the shower, taps etc. so as to impart a sense of harmony, elegance and style to it.

Some of the different types of finishes that are available for faucets and other bathroom utilities are:

  • Chrome: This is a popular choice because of its reflective surface which looks gorgeous when cleaned. But in order to ensure its shine, it needs to be cleaned regularly.
  • Brushed chrome: This is a variety of the chrome finish wherein the colour remains the same but instead of the gloss, it comes with a matte finish. In fact, led faucets to make for an ideal combination for bushed-matte finish faucets.
  • Brass: The deep golden finish of brass makes the faucet look positively retro and even antique thereby giving the bathroom a look of classic elegance.
  • Nickel: Silver with warm undertones of gold, the Nickel finish of the faucets make for a unique addition to the bathroom.
  • Bronze: This is a darker shade of brass and it evokes a sense of traditional luxury when installed in the bathroom giving it a spa-like dreamy look.
  • Black: The rise in popularity of the faucet with the black finish is due to its modern, bold and striking looks. The fact that it helps to hide dirt pretty well and provides a perfect contrast to light countertops, sinks etc., gives it an additional edge.

The faucet is an item of utility but it is also one of the most prominent utilities present in the bathroom and hence need special care in its choice and deliberation.

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