Fully Equipped for Electrical Services Even Installing Computer Networks

Fully Equipped for Electrical Services Even Installing Computer Networks

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We feature a variety of electrical services but especially the ability to installing computer networks. Most electrical companies don’t do this but if you need a network installed or problem fixed – call this electrical company.

Medialec has been doing electrical and aerial/satellite work for the last 10 years.

Domestic Services

Medialec specializes in all kinds of domestic electrical services and that range from socket plug installation up to domestic appliance repair or computer networking. Their reliable and friendly team are domestic electricians with a real interest for home appliances and the electronics behind them all. Medialec electrician in Bideford believes no job is too small or too big for them and they are capable of making your home electronics safe.

Internet networking

They not only take care of computer networking but another service they have that few electrical services have is internet connectivity. This is a great service for home or commercial locations.

Electrical services

They offer competitive, guaranteed and fully insured electrical services. They also undertake all aspects of satellite, aerial and media work so your home can enjoy the very best picture in the neighborhood.

Modern countries

In the daily lives of many people living in countries that are modern, electricity is often taken for granted. If it doesn’t work or when a business or homeowner wants to make variations to what they currently have, they call an electrician. Shine or rain, night or day, electricity is a dynamic part of everyday life. It keeps cold our food, warm our water and our homes warm or cool as needed.


The electrician who trains to do these diverse tasks needed to meet these needs of a society that is electricity-driven is a true professional, with the commitment to undergo meticulous and rigorous ideals of education and on the job training.

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