Four of the best Home Automation Systems in the UK

Four of the best Home Automation Systems in the UK

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Due to the versatility and uniqueness of Home Automation, it is a very competitive market. Moreover, due to less litigation and legal issues surrounding this market, even the newer companies can thrive. Choosing amongst soy is a difficult task, but according to various surveys and expert rankings, the best Home Automation System UK in this order are-

Crestron –

Crestron Electronics, Inc. is the world’s leading name in Home Automation. It is responsible for designing, engineering, manufacturing and then supplying automation solutions for homes. Whenever there is a list for the best home automation systems UK, Crestron will find a spot in the top five.

Control4 –

Founded in 2003, Control4 had a vision, to automate every single feature in a home, be it lighting, audio, climate, security or energy. It delivers elegant solutions to all those who ask for it, reinventing the way people reside at their homes. It leads the industry in inter-operability and connects the ever-increasing list of gadgets with one another.


Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) was founded in 1992 with a single aim- to dominate the custom installation market. It didn’t take long to earn a name for itself in the home automation market as well. RTI is present across almost all smartphone platforms, making it one of the most versatile to use. It uses its own Integration Designer software, which allows its consumers a customizable user interface. It has used its network to ensure that all manufacturers integrate its usage, thereby giving their products the ability to work seamlessly over a wide variety of products.

Elan –

Founded in 1989 under the parenthood of Linear LLC, NTK Holdings Inc. and Nortek, Elan lives up to its name, carving a niche for itself by delivering products with the utmost sophistication, while taking care not to lose out on customer satisfaction. Elan has jumped up quite a few spots due to two new kinds of remotes it introduced, which makes accessing one’s entire home unbelievably easy.

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