Dude I need a truck. Moves you to a better place

Dude I need a truck. Moves you to a better place

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Dude, I need a truck! And a dude. And a dude and a truck!

It all began one fateful day by placing an ad on Craigslist in 2014. The chief dude- Jacob Reitzin and his -truck (a faithful Ford F-150) just started helping people move things around locally in his spare time. Calls started to come in along with checks, and that’s when he realized he had a business. Then the next thought hit him. He needs to build an app that can make this whole experience and service better and empower other hard working cool dudes in their communities to do the same thing he was doing!

He started to see there was this massive need, a massively underserved marketplace, with people that don’t want a traditional mover or don’t want to stand in line and wait for a u-haul. They just want a few items moved locally without the hassle and cost, so we dubbed it a micro-move,” or better yet a dude-pick up. And we all know how it goes – When you have the medicine to people’s pain and we all know moving stuff is a pain, then you don’t even need a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down.

Ultimately the aim and mission of Dude I need a truck is to move people to a better place. So after we have helped you move your couch across town or have picked up your Ikea dresser and helped you assembled it to save your marriage (Joke) we want you to literally feel like you have just been moved to a better place in your day. And that could mean a lot of things for different people. Maybe we saved you some precious time in the day. Maybe we left you with a big smile just because all you did was press a few buttons and a friendly and helpful dude showed up to help you do something you otherwise thought would take you all day or you would have to do alone. We are known for moving people to better places in their day, in their week, and in their life. We are known for creating an epic user experience through clean, easy to use technology and joyful and helpful service. And that makes us proud too. Just check out our YELP ratings and it will help back this claim up.

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