Dubai Property Market Expect Bullish Times Ahead

Dubai Property Market Expect Bullish Times Ahead

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Real estate in Dubai is presently preparing for an increase in the development of infrastructure. Citizens of Britain, Pakistan, and India remain the leaders of the investors in the emirate’s real estate sector who are non-Arab. With their presence in the emirate, executives in the industry are forecasting a much brighter outlook for the rest of the industry.

The DLD or Dubai Land Department released figures that show the first quarter of 2018 reflected 13,759 transactions for real estate which totalled to Dh58 billion. This is when compared to the 20,000 transactions registered last year for the same period which totalled to Dh77 billion. This registers a decline of about 25{c8f0bd29eee558107b82fbcea509087520306d94155679ec326c92b5517e8ef3} in value and {c8f0bd29eee558107b82fbcea509087520306d94155679ec326c92b5517e8ef3}31 percent in volume.

Apparently, Dubai has remained to be an attractive destination for many investors that are looking for a safe return on their investment. This is quite evident on the base of investors in the emirate that belong to over 217 nationalities that hail from various parts of the world. The real estate market in Dubai still continues to show growth. This is mostly driven by confidence and optimism on the emirate’s real estate sector.

Investors in the GCC have made a total transaction of Dh6 billion for a total of 2,500 transactions. Meanwhile, other Arab investors have made a total of Dh10 billion for this year’s first quarter which equates to 5,000 transactions.

Among the nationalities active in the country, a total of 1,264 Emiratis made a total of Dh4 billion for 1,587 transactions. This is followed by 1,387 Indian investors w have successfully injected Dh3 billion for 1,550 transactions. The third place sees the Saudis bringing in Dh1 billion, and then the British, Pakistani, Egyptian, Chinese, Jordanian, Egyptian and Canadian nationals follow.

According to DLD, these figures show that there is a strong momentum in the sector. This is expected to continue its trend through the rest of 2018 as well as into 2019. Experts and analysts are predicting an upsurge by the start of 2019. This would come with such unprecedented strength considering that there are many of the strategic infrastructure developments are going to be completed then as the country prepares for the Expo 2020.

There are experts such as Junaid Iqbal Memon who believe that the outlook for the emirate is very bullish, specifically in the mid-market and affordable market segment. The city is going to continue to be appealing for real estate investment. In addition, the real estate market in the emirate seems to continue defying the odds with the Q1 report being a testament to that.

Also, the unique selling point of the emirate will continue making it an attractive destination for foreign investments. It offers higher investment return thanks to higher yields in a rental. The sound regulations set by the authorities also help protect the investment. There is also a leadership that is growth-driven. This is why to the interested investor, this means business.

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