Digital Door Locks are Becoming More and More Popular

Digital Door Locks are Becoming More and More Popular

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Many use a digital door lock all the time to secure and protect homes as well as business. Choosing the lock that is the best is vital for securing your possessions, which is why security experts have selected digital door locks to fit every budget.

Digital locks

Yale gate digital lock, as well as Gateman digital lock, are two that have been recommended. Gateman WF10 digital lock is perfect for the home. The first step to take towards having a safe and smart home starts at the entrance. It is one of those new gadgets that many have come to appreciate after using it – secure, convenient and simple.


The Gateman WF10 lock is a digital, handle-less rim lock that offers fingerprint recognition and PIN number access. This one is easy on the budget and is a very popular choice for homes. It can be installed alongside any existing set of locks. Gateman designs and manufactures digital door lock for the Yale brand


  • The user only needs a PIN number with 4 to 12 digits
  • Records up to 20 fingerprints
  • Automatic and manual lock setting
  • Burglar alarm
  • Fire detection sensor – above 75 degrees Celsius – auto unlock
  • Open door with fake password
  • Korea voice/mute/melody for operations that are normal; Korean voice guide during programming
  • The lifespan of its battery is 1 year
  • Emergency battery terminal externally and battery low alarm
  • Uses remoter controller

Digital locks and safes

Digital electronic locks, as well as safes, are options that are convenient. With digital locks there is no searching for the key to the safe – you and other members of the family man unlock the safe by simply enter the code in the electronic keypad that is battery powered. Even when the battery has expired the lock doesn’t ever overlook your code – just merely change the standard batteries and you are ready to go. A practical answer for any home businesses is or keeping all your valuables safe. There is a large assortment of brands and models.

More popular

Digital locks are becoming more and more popular in helping with the safety of our businesses, homes, and our valuable possessions and items we would hate to lose.

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