Difference in Soakaways and Septic Tanks

Difference in Soakaways and Septic Tanks

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Soakaways and septic tanks are both fine methods of dealing with excess waste water. These two, however, have different ways of dealing with additional waste water. They do have very different purposes and are often used together to provide the best wastewater solution. The two systems can seem very similar to most people, but they are different and choosing the best system for your needs can be hard.


To help you get to know the differences, this is a guide between septic tanks and soakaways.

Septic tank

Septic tanks are used to collect waste and store wastewater and solid waste. Aerobic septic systems work on the pH balance and the bacterial action to break down the solid waste, and once it fills the tank, its excesses then overflowed into a drain field that is connected or often, a soakaway. This tank is self-sufficient and is put underground, so it makes an exceptional substitute for key sewage pipes if your property is not associated with the main sewer system.

Treat onsite

Since septic tanks treat as well as dispose of home wastewater onsite, they are offering a better financial choice than joining a centralized sewer system, particularly in rural areas where properties are widely spread apart.

Soakaway how does it work

A soakaway encompassed a hole dug in the ground and filled up with stones and rubble. This lets the surface water that could start to pool to instead soak down into the ground. Frequently the soakaway is placed far away from areas that flood, so pipes are used to connect this area to the soakaway are with a gutter or drain.

Built-up areas

The system is used for built-up ranges which are made out of water-resistant resources as it decreases the quantity of water that is pooling and that often lead to floods. This system can also be used as a stand-alone way of wastewater control or in conjunction with other systems, for example being a septic tank. If a septic tank is being used in an area that doesn’t have the needed vegetation to allow the septic tank to dispose of the wastewater in a drainage field, a soakaway will assist in safely removing this waste.

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