Did You Forget That Valentine’s Day Is This Week? No Gift? Read This!

Did You Forget That Valentine’s Day Is This Week? No Gift? Read This!

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Here is the best Valentine’s Day present that you can give your loved one! Capture the best version you can find of with music and sound that is associated with your special moment. It should be that special birthday, music from your wedding, music that celebrated some life-changing or accomplishment event in your life.

Special moments

Design your own 18-inch x 24-inch wall as that will be the visual of your special moments. If you met while on a skiing trip, you could make your wall art a beautiful picture of snow, or if your honeymoon was on a beach, sunsets from a beach make some of the most beautiful pictures. Just something visual that goes with your special song or your music.

Websites that help

There are many websites that will help you with this, by printing, and framing your picture or visual. If you want to edit your music but don’t know how or need help there are places that will help you with that also.


Another present or gift is to make a video using your special song or music and pictures of special times in your relationship. There are some great video editing programs that are easy to use. But again, there are websites that will help you with this also. You can make a video of your wedding or anniversary or the day your child was born. Are just make a video with special pictures that make your loved one know how special they are to you.


You could also make a slideshow instead of a video – they are quicker and great if you waited until the last minute.

Visualize special music or song

Another easy but great idea is to visualize your special song and then drop into a picture. You take your song or sound and drag and the mp3 version of your sound with an “art generator”. You can find these generators by just Googling “sound generator”. This will reveal the waveform of the sound as a visual picture. Match it up with a picture that goes with the picture of the Custom Soundwave Poster Art. Then have someone print this up for you, frame it in a special frame and quickly you have a wonderful gift.

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