Cleaning Of Bathroom Curtains:

Cleaning Of Bathroom Curtains:

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المكونات Ingredients:

 White vinegar

 chlorine.

 Sodium carbonate.

 hot water.

 Liquid cleaner.

الطريقة Method:

 The bathtub is filled with hot water.

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 Then add white vinegar, chlorine, carbonate and a little detergent to hot water.

 The shower curtain is placed inside the bathtub to soak the mixture and leave for at least one hour.

 The shower curtain is gently rubbed until stains are removed and filtered on the bathtub.

 Then spread the shower curtain in the air to dry completely and repeated every two weeks if the shower curtain cloth can be washed with a washing machine.

  • Cleaning the bathroom with flash:

المكونات Ingredients:

 Flash.

 Brush.

الطريقة Method:

 A little flash is placed on the areas of black spots and rust in the bathroom and floors.

 The flash is left for minutes until interaction with hard spots.

 and then rub the place of stains brushing the bathroom until the spot completely disappear with regard to wearing guanati because the flash is a substance.

 Then rinse the bathroom with water and dry it.

  • Cleaning the bathroom with cola:

المكونات Ingredients:

 abundant amount of cola or soft drinks.

 cleaning brush.

الطريقة Method:

 A quantity of cola is placed inside the toilet and left for at least a quarter of an hour.

 Then brush the toilet with its brush and you will notice the disappearance of stains and rust.

 Then rinse the toilet with running water.

The most important tips for cleaning the bathroom:

  • Be sure to remove all things in the bath before cleaning.
  • Be sure to wear a plastic wrap before cleaning to protect your hand from detergents and bacteria spread in the bathroom.
  • Take care to clean, disinfect and sterilize the bathroom cabinet and any possessions.
  • Be careful to wear a muzzle when using chemical detergents.
  • Be careful to clean the bathroom cleaning tools with hot water and disinfectant and let it dry in the sun.
  • Take care of the ventilation of the bathroom well to avoid the formation of fungus, mold and moisture effects.
  • Take care to dry the bathroom well after finishing cleaning

Take into account the operation of the kitchen hood during cooking so as not to accumulate water vapor loaded with fat on the all-metal kitchen.

Acrylic kitchen cleaning methods:

  • Baking soda :
  • Ingredients :

ماء Warm water.

مقدار Amount of baking soda.

قطع Cut soft cloth.

  • Method:

يتم A solution of baking soda and warm water is done by mixing them with some well.

ثم Then put a piece of soft cloth with the prepared solution and squeezed well.

يتم The acrylic kitchen cabinets are gently wiped using the wet cloth.

يتم Dry the acrylic kitchen cabinets using a soft, dry cloth.

  • Saber to:

لإزالة To remove the hard and many stains that do not go down in water, you can use a piece of soft cloth and dipped a bit of Sperto and then wipe the acrylic kitchen cabinets.

  • Liquid soap:

يمكنك Remove hard stains such as fat, oils, and grease from acrylic kitchen cabinets using liquid soap such as dishwashing detergent.

يتم The acrylic kitchen is rubbed gently with a soft sponge and a quantity of liquid soap.

مسح Survey the effects of liquid soap with a soft cloth, wet with water and very sterile.

تجفيف Dry the kitchen with a soft, dry cloth.

  • To remove fingerprints from the acrylic kitchen, you can use a damp, water-tight cloth.
  • Do not use the glass cleaner to clean the acrylic.
  • To remove dust, you can use a soft or dry cloth.
  • You can polish the acrylic kitchen by using polyclinic once a week and have specialists in the implementation and manufacture of acrylic.

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